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iTechArt is now a Salesforce consulting partner

We've recently joined the community of consulting partners and grow our SFDC team to go beyond.
09 November 2016 630

Partnership midset

Today digital marketing agencies and technology consulting companies heavily rely on outsourcing to deal with unpredictable workstreams.
16 September 2016 583

Think Automotive

The automotive industry is a complicated and demanding business environment.
09 September 2016 611

IoT: Wave of transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way the World operates.
04 July 2016 604

How to decide? Pre-built VS custom development

For some companies, a pre-built СMS or e-commerce platform works perfectly while others need to opt for a custom solution.
27 May 2016 666

iTechArt is in top 5 for 2015 breakneck growth

iTechArt has ranked 4th among custom software engineering vendors according to the recent High-Tech Park report.
08 April 2016 1334

We are now a PartnerWorld Partner to IBM

iTechArt is glad to announce that we are now a PartnerWorld Partner to IBM.
07 February 2016 694

R gains a following with iTechArt

R programming language has become one of the most popular tools for statistical computing.
16 November 2015 690

Kids Academy releases a brand new flagship app

Not long ago, Kids Academy reached 10 million downloads worldwide. Today it impresses with a new accomplishment.
07 October 2015 974

iTechArt presents a dedicated DevOps department

iTechArt always quickly adjusts to significant shifts in the IT and responds to the clients demand. DevOps wasn’t an exception.
24 August 2015 750

iTechArt 2014 Contribution Summary

As it's time to say goodbye to 2014, iTechArt would like to sum up its results of the past year as well as congratulate our customers and partners with the upcoming holidays
22 December 2014 886

iTechArt follows FinTech innovations

To stay up-to-date and vital for our clients, iTechArt always tries to broaden the knowledge and skills of its specialists.
26 November 2014 999