iTechArt started out in 2003 as an application development firm founded by a handful of software development outsourcing experts. Today, hundreds of successful projects later, we are an established IT service provider helping businesses from across Europe and North America stay focused on their primary business objectives without squandering time and resources trying to adopt or sunset technologies and make genuinely useful software possible.

Back in iTechArt’s prehistory, we clearly sensed the need for creating a software outsourcing company of a different kind, one skimmed of largely impersonal processes, developer alienation and a touch of sloppiness alarmingly ubiquitous around the industry. We set out to tread a alternative track and based the company’s philosophy on creating a developer-friendly environment first of all, with all the rest wrapped around it. This is why we keep reiterating that our team is the mainstay of our business. We offer comfortable workspaces and a steady flow of challenging work, and we get impressive productivity in return.

Our coherent organizational structure with two advanced software development centers located in Minsk, Belarus, and Kiev, Ukraine, and a US based headquarters in Iselin, NJ, brings the talent pool within reach for a broader range of businesses in need of custom solutions, as well as short-handed IT teams. Seasoned in offshore and nearshore outsourcing as our primary service delivery models, we bring our extensive experience to bear while managing remote teams and coordinating a mix of on-site and off-site activities.

Technological expertise which is focused, yet not skewed to a single platform, programming mindset or process methodology, an understanding of the inner workings of our customers’ businesses, topped with process efficiency and transparency makes us a valid IT partner. Single-handedly or as part of a multi-party effort, we design and build solid, maintainable software with tight schedules and strapped budgets in mind.

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