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iTechArt Group is a leading custom software engineering company focused primarily on establishing and operating remote fully dedicated teams for product development and customization, proof of concept and software prototyping, application modernization and re-engineering, QA and testing.

We offer a fully transparent, flexible and easily scalable approach to IT outsourcing – the establishment of an Offshore Development Team (ODT) in one of our Software Development Centers in Eastern Europe. iTechArt provides dedicated IT specialists that rapidly and seamlessly adjust to our Clients’ infrastructure, use the same tools, approaches, methodologies and fully integrate with the onsite development team. Building close relationships with their offshore teams and treating the dedicated engineers as an integral part of their corporate framework our Customers grow, boost performance, decrease operational costs and, as a result, outperform the competition. Everything is easy! They are a 100% dedicated extension of your in-house development team – just working in another office.

Why outsource to iTechArt?

  • Extensive industry expertise and business understanding
  • Top of the line engineering talent
  • Commitment to quality
  • Flexibility and transparency 

What we offer?

  • Enterprise mobile development for all major platforms
  • Application modernization, migration and integration
  • Independent software testing service
  • Dedicated software teams


Application Modernization, Enterprise Mobile Development, IT Staff Augmentation, Software Testing & QA

Unmatched talent

If there is one area unconditionally worthy of investment, it is human resources. We are in a business that runs on talent. We accepted this maxim early in the company’s history and never diverted from it as we grew and developed.

If there is one quickest way into an impasse, it is turning people into a commodity. We have learned the art of seeing personality through the armor of resume parlance and know better than to pigeonhole formal qualifications. Instead of mechanically assorting teams, we make room for smart innovation nurtured by the right blend of maturity, experience and the urge to learn. As a result, our team is made up of hand-picked, highly committed software developers.


We don’t churn out code and increase the project count – we solve problems and garner valuable pieces of knowledge along the way. Drawing from our own experience and staying tuned for platform-specific developments, we maintain a unified, collaboratively managed knowledge base, promoting technological open-mindedness and superior productivity. Similarly, though avidly supporting iterative development, we shun following any single methodology religiously and always match the tools we use to the problem under consideration.

Every piece of software that we build is a response to a tangible, real-world pain. We take the time to listen to the users’ concerns and learn the specifics of the customer’s business, thus coupling technological knowledge with domain awareness.

By leveraging a repository of reusable components, patterns and approaches, we can afford to bypass painful spells of trial and error and look for architectural elegance, achieving more with less.


As a long-standing IT service provider, we fully realize the dangers associated with managing geographically and culturally distributed teams. Miscommunication, mutual lack of trust and chronic cost overruns are alarmingly typical when it comes to outsourcing serious software development. We have worked out a complex strategy for both containing potential risks and maximizing inherent benefits, based on the following core points:

Local Representation

We recognize the value of direct personal interaction when dealing with sizeable business endeavors and therefore encourage mutual visits and favor on-site representation. Headquartered in the United States, we enable a considerable number of our clients to avoid taking risks and getting stuck in legal hurdles.

Integration and Liaison

We take care to establish multiple interfaces with remote team members and customers in order to ensure minimum latency in communication and decision making. To that end, we assign liaison persons who maintain communication among the developers and the stakeholders timely and unhindered.

Transparency and Accountability

We keep our process clear and simple. Continuity of effort and traceability of issues, progress monitoring, time-tracking and efficient team management – the entire development process is powered by Solution Management Gate, our in-house workflow management tool. The system ensures mission-critical connections between team members and project managers, promotes collaboration and serves as a unified access point to knowledge and documentation.

Agility and Flexibility

We offer the advantage of getting started with a project immediately and, should the necessity arise, easily scaling the project scope or the assigned teams, as well as selecting the most suitable organizational models and payment procedures. Our business partners range from start-up software vendors to established companies coming from a variety of domains, and we take due care to accommodate their needs, right from the outset focusing on establishing mutually beneficial, long-term arrangements.

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