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iTechArt Group proudly participated and sponsored a roundtable discussion with PluggedIn Ventures entitled Mobile Marketing: where is 2012 going to take us?

Dec. 15, 2011
New PluggedIn’s Roundtable, a premier exclusive networking event, focused on Mobile Marketing was held on December 13 in New York, NY.

iTechArt Group was proud to participate for the first time as a sponsor of the event and meet the industry leaders and executives who have been blazing the way in the tablet industry. PluggedIn’s Roundtable is a monthly opportunity for the founders of hi-tech companies, angel investors, and industry executives to get together, exchange experiences, share opinions, ideas and perspectives on various issues.

The roundtable discussions with PluggedIn Ventures are driven by a single topic of conversation and attract those interested in the particular market being discussed. That time, the participants addressed the issues of Mobile Marketing and debated how companies big and small, global and local should jump into the mobile game and which strategies could be applied so as to become the winners in this game.

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