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iTechArt Turns to NoSQL Development, Diversifies Services for Tech Startups

Aug. 25, 2011
iTechArt has extended its database development expertise to embrace MongoDB, a powerful NoSQL database platform, striving to reinforce its value proposition for technology startups whose business strategies depend on cutting-edge open source technology.

"The event provided a very interesting perspective on how MongoDB empowers real-world teams to meet the challenges inherent to developing and maintaining today's dynamic and interactive web applications," said Jesse Landry, a business development manager at iTechArt. "The business- and technology-related insights gleaned through face-to-face encounters with these remarkable teams have immediate value to us as a company with a strong focus on serving the needs of web-oriented technology startups."

NoSQL and MongoDB skills round out iTechArt's web application technology expertise, which spans the PHP, Python, and Ruby scripting languages and their respective frameworks, including Zend, Django, and Rails, as well as open source database technology.

To date, iTechArt has provided product development co-sourcing solutions to a number of startup technology businesses, including, most recently, the LiveComplete social networking service.

MongoDB, released in 2009, is an open source document-oriented database platform designed for use with interactive, performance-sensitive web applications.

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