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Sharepoint Saturday!

Nov. 15, 2012
iTechArt would like to remind our readers that we actively participate in a number of technology events across the United States and are always happy to join creative and innovative technology communities.

There is also a number of live shows we feel 100% comfortable with and which we always happy to attend due to high level of expertise in the subject. Last Saturday we took part in one of such event and were pleased to share our expert vision and valuable insights at SharePoint Saturday.

SharePoint Saturday is an educational and informative live event filled with sessions from respected SharePoint professionals & decision makers, covering a broad range of SharePoint-orientated topics. SharePoint Saturday draws upon the expertise of local SharePoint IT professionals, developers and solutions architects who come together to share their real world experiences, lessons learned, best practices, and general knowledge with other like‐minded individuals.

We had a fun time actively participating in the thoughtful discussion about the SharePoint challenges and pitfalls that SP experts face and collectively found the ways to resolve the toughest of them. We also discussed SharePoint in the Cloud and shared a number of expert suggestions regarding SharePoint 2013, SharePoint migration and customization.

iTechArt is going to continue its participation in the SharePoint Saturday events gaining more experience in SP challenges as well as providing other experts with relevant and actionable advice. Today we are proud to mention that our advice and vision is getting more and more valuable. With dozens of successfully completed projects and dedicated teams built for well-established companies from the USA, Western Europe and Russia, iTechArt Microsoft Certified SharePoint specialists are able to guide and provide support to our clients along with SP community.

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