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Why test at iTechArt?

June 26, 2015
Software testing and quality assurance processes are vital to guarantee the success of software projects. We are aimed at providing our clients with best-in-class, flawless products. Thus, iTechArt offers a great variety of software testing services, applying our deep expertise.

QA testing is one of the most significant stages in advanced technology development. It's your last chance to identify the errors before the product reaches wide audience. As the public is becoming more and more demanding, even minor defects in the application will immediately push it out of the market. In iTechArt 3 dedicated QA departments of over 80 highly-qualified QA engineers, tech leaders, and managers eliminate the risks of development cycle. A big pool of resources and profound QA management enable us to provide testing services to the companies of every size and domain. Our specialists are glad to offer you Manual Testing, Test Automation, Load & Performance testing to ensure the highest quality of your products. Mentioned options can be either a part of software development project, or an independent test service.

Manual testing is a type of software testing, which is performed without using any automated tool or script. The QA engineer represents the end user and tests the product to identify bugs or unexpected behavior. iTechArt provides both web and mobile applications testing. Web applications are tested on different operating systems and browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari). For mobile testing our engineers utilize a big park of tablets and smartphones running on iOS, Android and Windows mobile platforms. The range of manual testing types in iTechArt is wide: functional testing, end-to-end testing, compatibility testing, system testing (web applications), interrupt testing, conformance testing, connectivity testing (mobile apps), etc.

Manual and automation testing go hand-in hand for consistent testing. The efficiency of automated testing involved into product lifecycle can result in considerable time and money savings. Within iTechArt the most popular framework for test automation is Selenium WebDriver. It is a powerful framework that performs well across various platforms. Among commercial tools we also leverage Visual Studio, QTP and SoapUI. However, the usage of test automation frameworks and tools is highly flexible according to clients’ preferences and applications peculiarities. If the customer wants to let their non-technical personnel to create and run tests themselves, we propose behavior driven approach utilizing Cucumber (Java) or SpecFlow (.Net technologies). iTechArt also offers the following types of automation testing: unit testing, integration tests, acceptance tests, UI as well as web services and API testing, etc.

Performance testing is a testing technique performed to determine the system parameters in terms of responsiveness and stability under heavy load. Among our clients and iTechArt performance analysts the most popular tool is JMeter. It is one of the best leading performance testing tools from Apache open source community. Along with JMeter, Vusial Studio Ultimate 4, NeoLoad, LoadUI and LoadRunner are widely used by QA teams. The scope of performance testing services of the company embraces Performance, Load, Stress, Soak and Volume testing.

iTechArt shares our beneficial QA expertise with a great number of emerging businesses and well-established companies across Europe and USA. We gained the reputation of reliable QA experts in numerous domains: Finance, E-commerce, Healthcare & Sport, Digital Media, Facilities Management, Games, etc. The growing list of our contended clients includes such companies as Gain Capital (NYSE:GCAP), Scivantage, Oracle Commerce, Agility Health, Pixable,, etouches and many more. These customers have already witnessed our execution of careful, creative QA process. It’s high time we delivered you impressive quality you deserve.

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