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iTechArt keeps abreast of the latest IT trends and innovations to help emerging technology companies with a focus on software product R&D understand the opportunities and challenges that lie ahead. We invest in seed and early-stage technology companies with a high growth potential. Our investments range from $50,000 to $250,000 in companies which need to accelerate their product development. We are mainly interested in Enterprise, SaaS, Mobile, Cloud and BI products. 

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We are aware how critical it is for a technology-centric company to run innovations faster than its competitors. The common challenges start-up companies have to take up are mostly related to the formation of a skilled team, as well as a lack of infrastructure and processes for effective product development. Our company understands the essence of these issues and we are convinced that building great companies requires more than capital. So, in addition to the financial assistance, iTechArt provides post-investment support helping technology companies of tomorrow accelerate innovations and achieve long-term income generation.

Learn more about the value iTechArt delivers:

  • Team Experience and High Performance
  • Large & Scalable IT Infrastructure
  • On Demand Technology Consulting
  • Proof of Concept and Software Prototyping
  • Product-Centric Development with Built-In Change Management
  • Software Testing and QA

In order to develop cutting-edge solutions and streamline clients' business operations, we apply the latest technologies, our deep knowledge and significant productivity potential to the fullest extent.  Whether it is an enterprise, SaaS, Mobile, Cloud or BI solution, iTechArt provides a proper weight to each of its aspects, including usability, security, scalability, high performance and time-to-market.

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