iTechArt came to us highly recommended from a very technical fellow developer who had used them. We started with a team of two people and are now up to 13 engineers, including web and mobile developers, QA and UX people.

The iTechArt team has been very professional in our dealings with them, in staffing up our team with great thought and attention to quality and fit, in the depth of talent and expertise they possess, and in the caliber of project management they have provided on their end.

We continue to see brisk progress on all five of the projects they have been concurrently working on – which is quite a lot of to juggle!

Jerry Kestenbaum, Founder and CEOBuildingLink.com, New York, USA

iTechArt has been there for us since 2012. They always were a partner, not just a vendor and made us feel they have our back.

We always found the right resource to fill the blank when we had it, we still do, and get good output that’s collaborative with the rest of our local as well as remote teams. They work to minimize the geographic gap and do a great job in that.

Yoav Efron, CFOTriplay, New York, USA

iTechArt saved us when we needed to quickly scale our software team during a very tight hiring market for senior talent. We initially brought on two experienced cloud software engineers who quickly became absolutely integral to our product launch. The partnership was so effective, we later expanded the team. iTechArt engineers are 100% on the team with our local engineers -- attending daily scrum standups via video chat, participating in code reviews, providing valuable input in architecture and technology decisions. 

From a business perspective, iTechArt makes it very easy interview candidates, scale the team as necessary, and keep costs predictable. I can add a team member in a fraction of the time and cost it takes to recruit, close and on-board local talent.

Scott Sawyer, VP EngineeringEcovent, Boston, MA, USA

I am the software team leader at DAQ Electronics in the USA that develops hardware and software products for the access control, intrusion detection and video monitoring software. I enjoy the benefit of a dedicated team at iTechArt that communicates our business and development needs, enabling our in-house developers to be many times more effective. Working with iTechArt expanded our vision and scope and this opened up more product possibilities allowing us to develop a completely new Security Management System. 

The impact of working with iTechArt is transformational with respect to quality, capability and the speed of development. They work hard, listen carefully to our priorities and deliver what I need day to day – they have made my life as a developer so pleasant!

Roy Davies, VP of Product DevelopmentDAQ Electronics, Piscataway, New Jersey, USA

iTechArt has proven to be a very reliable development partner throughout the life of our multi-year project. Their team members are professional and easily accessible. They take the greatest care to communicate clearly and completely. Their development work is both high quality and timely. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with not only our Account Manager, but also our dedicated Development and Quality Assurance teams. I have recommended their services to both friends and business associates without hesitation.

Tim Hollstein, VP of Information TechnologiesAgility Health, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA

iTechArt has been a go-to software development resource for Bevi from the very start. We began working with them over two years ago, even before we had any in-house software development capabilities, and they continue to support us on new projects. As an IOT company, we've been impressed at how effectively iTechArt has been able to help us from afar. In addition to having an extremely talented technical team, they really differentiate themselves on being excellent communicators. They are clear and comprehensive when it comes to project planning, budgeting, collecting user feedback, and revising their work.

Sean Grundy, Co-Founder, CEOBevi, Boston, MA, USA

We were introduced to iTechArt in 2014 while looking for iOS mobile development expertise to build our first product during the early days of the company. The interview and search process was seamless and shortly after we started working with a talented mobile development engineer who had experience with connected products. The choice of the engineer was exactly the right fit for us and he is still part of our core team to this day. We since added more people to the team including quality assurance and have been very pleased with the level of talent and commitment from everyone in the team.

iTechArt continue to make a positive impact to our business helping us building a world class development team while having access to a great pool of resources when needed.

Martin Forest, CTOBeON Home, Boston, MA, USA

Gain Capital has been working with iTechArt since 2010. At first, starting with a small team of developers mainly focused on mobile applications. Our successes have allowed us to understand just how professional and trustworthy our partnership with iTechArt has become. Therefore we augmented other teams several times and now we have many of their skilled engineers helping us with web, desktop, mobile development and quality assurance.

They have proven to work effectively and deliver substantial results, both on time and within my budget. This has created a winning mix of best practices, solid technologies knowledge and domain expertise, all with trusted results.  

I would highly recommend iTechArt as an offshore outsourcing group to anyone looking for a valued technology partner.

Rekhender Dhawan, Vice President, Head of Trading Platforms DevelopmentGAIN Capital, Bedminster, NJ, USA; London, UK

We’ve been working with iTech for quite some time and consider them an extension of our team, rather than an offshore vendor. We needed solid mobile developers to work with our in-house engineers to build our Primer SDKs on both mobile platforms. This was not a trivial thing as it required a lot of cross-functional communication, but the iTech team was up to the challenge. They quickly adopted the best practices we follow at Primer and proved to be effective and proactive both in daily communication and in handling complex tasks, whether it be researching architectural options, improving test coverage, or updating project documentation.

We highly recommend iTechArt as a long-term partner and will refer them to our friends and colleagues at other startups in San Francisco and elsewhere.

AJ Cantu, CTO & Co-FounderPrimer, San Francisco, CA, USA

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