Leading technology companies outsource their Product Engineering to iTechArt

We offer our clients a traditional IT outsourcing model of project-based services with ability to establish own dedicated IT department in one of ours offshore development centers in Eastern Europe.

What we offer?

  • Product research and conceptualization
  • Selecting an architecture design & platform
  • Product implementation  & customization
  • Installing the product at an end-client’s site
  • Integration of your software with an end-client’s in-house systems
  • Product migration & porting
  • Product modernization and extension

The advantages offered by iTechArt

  • Strong engineering talent.  iTechArt helps you to design the most effective architecture approach of your system depending upon your specific business requirements, time frame and budget.
  • The right mix of experience and technology. Our developers are experienced with using the newest technologies and industry domain knowledge.
  • Well-defined and mature application development and QA processes. We use industry-standard processes to create high-quality products and solutions.
  • Cost efficiencies of software development due to hiring best experts from Eastern Europe.

Related Case Studies

The following case studies highlight a few of the hundreds of products that iTechArt has successfully completed: 

  • Web Based Teaching Solution: a rich Internet application that facilitates the implementation of a reading fluency program
  • CyberSource Integration Module: pre-integrated payment management services via the CyberSource gateway for a market leading e-commerce platform
  • Marketing Campaign Management Solution: a Java-based analytical solution for an online marketing consultancy
  • Content Management System: a Java-based solution that automates online publishing, content management, and ad management
  • B2B Portal Solution: an ASP.NET/MVC/AJAX project for secure, permission-based document sharing within and across businesses which connects companies and individuals, enabling users to obtain and provide access to business documentation
  • Online Learning Environment: an interactive ASP.NET/MVC/AJAX online learning environment designed to enhance the quality of instruction in K-12 schools and streamline the teacher preparation process
  • SharePoint Workflow Designer: a Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 module enabling  users to create and manage custom workflows for document approval
  • Network Security Solution: a WinForms/WCF project for the modernization of a network management solution for controlling and monitoring vast, geographically dispersed sets of authentication and encryption devices
  • Healthcare Document Management System: a SharePoint/Biztalk Server/WPF solution for automating workflows, optimizing paperless document management, and facilitating organizational procedures in healthcare settings, which provides the ability to access patient information and quickly communicate issues throughout the process
  • Workforce Intelligence System: a Software-as-a-Service solution developed using .NET 4.0/Prism/Silverlight 4/WCF for org charts, analytics and planning that transforms organizational charts into valuable business tools for managing workforce change
  • Forex Trading Application: an iPhone and Android-based tool providing essential online trading functionality
  • Dynamic Advertising Application: a multimedia promotional application for iPad
  • Mobile Fitness Application: an engaging media-rich iPhone tool enabling users to manage and adjust their fitness and dietary patterns
  • Workforce Intelligence System: an iPhone, Blackberry and Android interfaces for an enterprise organizational planning and HR management system
  • Mobile CRM Solution: a Windows Mobile application for a retail store chain that streamlines front-office workflows and personalized service delivery
  • Movie Collection Management Tool: an Android application enabling users to manage and browse digitalized movie collections

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