Financial Services

In the finance sector, innovation is the industry standard approach to running day-to-day business. Where dramatic change occurs on a sub-millisecond scale and a differentiated customer experience is perceived as a given, to stay ahead of the curve means to build a sustainable innovation pipeline.

The underlying goal pursued by financial service providers goes beyond the specifics of a particular line of activity and boils down to binding operational efficiency and strategic agility securely together.

We assist organizations grappling with harnessing new technology in order to cope with landslides of information and proactively address risks without eroding their hard-earned knowledge base. We have partnered with service providers, consultancies and software vendors across capital markets and insurance.

Capital Markets

As capital markets grow increasingly automated and globally integrated, both buy-side and sell-side traders find themselves immersed in an ultra-competitive environment. Our approach enables a range of automated trading lifecycle solutions indispensable for taking full advantage of a deluge of data and reaching an adequate level of operational responsiveness.

  • Real-time market data feed handlers for aggregating and processing streaming updates from multiple data sources
  • Analytical applications for acquiring accurate, in-depth and panoramic snapshots of the market and detecting hidden opportunities
  • High-performance data storage for accumulating historical records, extracting insights and backtesting strategies
  • Interfaces to multiple trading venues and in-house software systems
  • Direct market access and algorithmic trading platforms: end-to-end order management and low-latency FIX connectivity
  • Straight-through processing and back-office applications covering portfolio management, reporting and accounting needs


With their business processes tethered to aged, sub-par and fragmented software systems, many insurance carriers are finding it extremely challenging to diversify their service portfolios and manage a seamless transition to customer-centric operational models. We are aware of the industry's operational constraints and draw on our experience in brownfield software development, reengineering and legacy integration in order to enable forward-looking insurers to become more efficient or to allow solution vendors to enhance their value proposition.

We offer specialized solutions within the following functional areas:

  • Flexible business rules engines and workflow packages
  • Claims management, billing and premium payment processing modules
  • Data-centric systems for optimizing underwriting processes
  • Centralized data collection and customer relationship management solutions
  • Web-based information portals for customers and agents

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