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In a technology centric world, healthcare providers are increasingly aware of the need to commit to continual improvement and invest in innovation. However, for organizations hamstrung by deeply entrenched, yet less than efficient back-office processes, decentralized data management and redundancy-ridden workflows, coping with a transition to optimized, IT enabled service models single-handedly turns into an uphill battle.

We help healthcare organizations construct robust, future-proof software infrastructures, adapt to an ever changing economic climate, meet stringent regulatory compliance requirements, manage risks and push the boundaries for service quality.

With expertise in legacy and state of the art technologies, software design, systems integration and database management, we offer focused software development services for both the clinical and home-based care sectors, as well as the field of analytical research and diagnostics.

By consolidating data, knowledge, processes and infrastructures, we assist in achieving the following objectives:

  • Scaling down operational costs and improving caregiver productivity;
  • Empowering professionals at the point of care with real-time access to data;
  • Streamlining administrative and billing workflows;
  • Providing workable frameworks for collaborative care and promoting safe decision-making;
  • Ensuring data integrity and transaction security.

Key Focus Areas

Healthcare information and practice management systems

  • High-availability web portals
  • CCHIT compliant electronic health record management
  • Unified data collection and standardized point of care processes
  • Automated billing, financial reporting and paycheck management
  • Mobile point of care solutions
  • Appointment management and scheduling
  • Time tracking and personnel management
  • Paperless document management infrastructures

Clinical decision support solutions

  • Analytical reporting and data mining
  • Interactive data visualization

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