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Smart marketing is about adaptability and open-mindedness. It is about reaching the right audience with the just right marketing message and making your brand both visible and recognizable exactly at the point where the ultimate customer choices are being made. Businesses struggling to communicate their competitive uniqueness have come to appreciate the importance of measuring the impact of the decisions they make against what their customers have to say. What is more, a plethora of opportunities available with established and emerging digital media distribution channels introduce, along with extra options, a whole range of additional pressures.

We work with professional marketing and advertising consultancies whose primary mission consists in illuminating the value of both data and multimedia content for each individual marketing context.

Decision Support Systems

Access to accurate data is the primary factor determining the viability of strategic decisions. We specialize in building scalable, high-performance data centric software designed to replace limited spreadsheet-based implementations and facilitate each of the core functional areas throughout the marketing decision-making lifecycle:

  • Campaign management, including online and search engine based marketing campaigns
  • Budget allocation and marketing spend optimization across advertising venues
  • Retrospective performance evaluation: key performance indicators and actionable visual charts
  • Predictive planning, risk management and interactive what-if modeling
  • Comprehensive business analytics and multi-parameter reporting

Digital Media Solutions

Whether used for interactive infotainment, branding, targeted out of home advertising, or a combination thereof, digital signage is a powerful content delivery channel. We draw on our experience in web content management and rich media development to implement highly usable back-office and customer-facing digital signage solutions.

  • Template based multimedia content management systems
  • Digital signage network management software: location-specific playback management and scheduling
  • Custom multimedia players

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