Demanding customer expectations coupled with tight competition encourage retailers to look for new ways to solidify their position on the market. Ubiquitous network access has diversified the shopping experience, allowing buyers to discover more attractive offerings, solicit peer advice and look for the best price-quality ratio. In a competitive environment, brick-and-mortar businesses turn to multi-channel approaches to reach, engage and retain customers, whereas online-only retailers look for individualized, customer-centric approaches to maximize profitability.

We zero in on enabling retailers and building integrated sets of tools that run the gamut of retailing channels and business process optimization needs.

E-Commerce and Storefront Systems

  • Implement tailor-made or packaged solutions incorporating end-to-end e-tailing functionality:

Inventory management

  • E-Merchandising
  • Financial processing
  • Order management
  • Store-wide analytics

Customer-Oriented Web Presences and B2B Portals

  • Reinforce your brand
  • Manage marketing campaigns, promotions and special offers via a CMS powered web interface
  • Target different customer groups in fluid, multimedia intensive settings
  • Maintain long-term relationships with suppliers

M-Commerce Applications

  • Open the door to ubiquitous retail
  • Provide a location-aware customer experience

Online Product Configurators

  • Take advantage of rule-based web applications to streamline the ordering process for customer defined and configurable products
  • Engage customers with interactive, visually rich, dynamically updated interfaces
  • Generate detailed report packages and manufacturing plans

Customer Relationship Management Applications

  • Store and manage customer-specific records
  • Enable sales personnel to access customer and inventory data via web or mobile interfaces
  • Promote personalized customer service

Analytics and Decision Support Systems

  • Organize decision-making processes
  • Seamlessly access and manipulate data from external resources
  • Adjust pricing and merchandising practices based on up to date market analytics

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