The need to provide an adequate level of protection for mission-critical locations, facilities, assets and data presents an overarching concern for both commercial and governmental organizations. Restrictive regulatory guidelines and standards-based security policies warrant a heavy reliance on specialized infrastructures, which may include broadly divergent combinations of surveillance, access control and threat detection equipment. As important as it is, efficient operation of security networks, especially those that are extremely diverse or geographically dispersed, is an imposing challenge in itself.

This challenge is the centerpiece of one the flagship projects, we developed jointly with major players in the security and cybersecurity industries:

Secure Out of Band Network Management

The system is a vendor-provided solution that complements a line of encryption and authentication devices used for securing out-of-band connections and protecting proprietary information networks against back-door attacks and unauthorized access.

Centralized device management

Network administrators can manage remote and vastly distributed network components via a single interface, synchronize device databases and scale the device inventory whenever necessary.

Real-time status information

The system periodically checks device parameters, notifies the relevant technician once an error condition is detected and allows retrieving audit trail information on individual devices or device groups.

Authentication by ID, ID and password, or RSA SecurID token

Encrypted data transfer  


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