Application Maintenance

In the software domain, resilient is the new perfect.

Whatever the contextual variations, software is always a representation of a host environment, abstracted from a subset of its distinctive features. For the representation to last and remain relevant, it has to provide timely and adequate responses to pressures and influences from without. On the flip side, there are inherent constraints and hindrances to be factored in, as well as technical debts to be paid off in the way of eliminating latent flaws and vulnerabilities accumulated as a side effect to structural and functional complexity or aggressive scheduling. Given the hard and soft gains enabled by efficient software stacks and the losses to be incurred when business-critical applications spiral out of control, shutting out years of experience and bringing operations to a grinding halt, software maintenance is recognized as a major point on strategic managerial checklists.

We help ensure changeability and sustainability by providing maintenance and support for software developed by our teams as well as custom or customized third-party solutions.
Our service offerings cover a broad range of activities:

  • Interfacing with the stakeholders
  • Managing, analyzing and evaluating user-submitted issue reports and change requests
  • Monitoring performance and spotting bottlenecks and potential vulnerabilities
  • Proactively dealing with faults and deficiencies that can complicate or stall operations altogether
  • Modifying, introducing and phasing out features
  • Replacing or ameliorating brittle components
  • Adapting software to a modified environment and ensuring seamless interoperability with newly introduced software solutions
  • Renovating and refactoring aged applications
  • Managing inter-platform software migration

Why delegate maintenance tasks to iTechArt

1. Reach appropriately qualified maintenance specialists on an on-demand basis

We are aware of the challenges associated with software maintenance and assign people accordingly, based on their platform-specific knowledge and the availability of competencies covering the full software life cycle.

2. Take advantage of flexible engagement models

3. Stay focused on the core of your business

4. Achieve a better alignment between business requirements and the software in use

Our expertise, our commitment to quality, as well as our hands-on experience with the relevant supporting tools for configuration management and version control, testing and code comprehension allow us to weave changes in seamlessly, without introducing regression faults or causing architectural erosion.

As a result, your software remains relevant to its real-world environment, while interferences with your normal business operations are kept down to a minimum.

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