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iTechArt Group is a leading custom software engineering company focused primarily on establishing and operating remote fully dedicated teams for product development and customization, proof of concept and software prototyping, application modernization and re-engineering, QA and testing. 

We offer a fully transparent, flexible and easily scalable approach to IT outsourcing – the establishment of an Offshore Development Team (ODT) in one of our Software Development Centers in Eastern Europe. iTechArt provides dedicated IT specialists that rapidly and seamlessly adjust to our Clients’ infrastructure, use the same tools, approaches, methodologies and fully integrate with the onsite development team. Building close relationships with their offshore teams and treating the dedicated engineers as an integral part of their corporate framework our Customers grow, boost performance, decrease operational costs and, as a result, outperform the competition. Everything is easy! They are a 100% dedicated extension of your in-house development team – just working in another office.

Based on our experience of working with numerous companies across diverse industries, we recommend the following models for your consideration:

Only development.

Jointly with you, we select the most domain- and technology-knowledgeable software developers. They perform the product development and, if required, provide technical support and maintenance. A good idea to supplement the team of counterparts, isn’t it?

Development and testing.

This is a recommended model for sophisticated software and solutions that need significant enhancements. If you don’t have an in-house testing team, you will never know what the stress could be once the solution is put into production. Quality and user friendliness should always befriend any product. Development in parallel with testing will ensure that your product is deprived of critical defects (and no defects at all) and the customers enjoy your service while you are willingly modernizing the application in the background.

Development, testing, and management.

This is the ideal model if you lack appropriate intellectual resources and technical infrastructure. What is more, you are under time pressure and there is another bright idea coming up. Just share your wishes and requirements. The rest will be done by the ODT.

We understand that choosing the trustworthy partner is a big concern for every business. To help you with the right decision, let us indicate a few of our distinctive approaches:

  • Team qualification assessment along with pre-screening, interviewing and an approval of each candidate.
  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure of any sensitive information is guaranteed, NDA is signed.
  • Overtime tolerance and partial adjustment to your business hours, if required.
  • Personnel number can be rapidly and easily scaled up. 
  • Cooperation transparency and full visibility over daily progress.
  • And, you are always welcome to visit one of our development centers and meet your team in person!

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