Business Intelligence

The pulse of day-to-day operations generates massive amounts of data, the data that bears witness to both breakthrough achievements and turbulent times. Instead of locking these invaluable records away and relegating them to corporate archival repositories, top performing companies have learned to tap days, months and years of arduously gained experience by developing their own business intelligence strategies, centered on the following objectives:

  • Making reliable analytical expertise available for both executive decision-makers and information workers at all levels
  • Providing a framework for fact-finding and pattern discovery
  • Delegating tactical decision-making
  • Revealing trends and illuminating actionable metrics
  • Maintaining a sound factual foundation for complex modeling, strategic planning, and forecasting

Mature data-driven organizations take full advantage of their strategic information assets to retain customers, reduce waste, optimize resource allocation and support future growth.

iTechArt helps those en route to business intelligence maturity to embed robust analytical capabilities into diverse business processes and IT portfolios.  With knowledge in the major commercially available analytics and database platforms, including Microsoft BI, IBM Cognos, TIBCO Spotfire, and Oracle’s OBIEE, we design, develop, implement and extend business intelligence solutions that enable our customers to understand and capitalize on the uniqueness of their data. By proceeding from a meticulous, loop-based requirement gathering process, we manage to transform standard off-the-shelf offerings into efficient, empowering software.

Consolidate and organize

The foundation for online analytical processing, ad hoc querying and reporting, a well-architected data warehouse is the key to a successful business intelligence solution. We use our extensive data management and database development expertise to extract multi-format data scattered across disparate transaction management systems and knowledge repositories, integrate these data, and develop ETL processes and multi-dimensional data models that answer a multitude of analytical needs as well as accommodate for future growth.

Contextualize and highlight

In making analytical information truly actionable, what is displayed is just as important as how it is displayed. We turn to the latest in data presentation technologies to deliver the right knowledge to the right user via fluid, interactive dashboards, scorecards, or data visualization components integrated into line of business portal and collaboration solutions.

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