Microsoft BI

Even small decisions matter. Timely, relevant, and dovetailed together, they enable the future. Spontaneous and compartmentalized, they check growth.

The Microsoft business intelligence stack is designed to fast-track better decisions, both small and large, by placing meaningful subsets of business data into context and making actionable information available at the decision-making frontline. Bundled into a compelling, deeply integrated collection of technologies, Microsoft BI helps to work business intelligence into established processes without disrupting familiar software experiences, unbalancing security and access control policies, or incurring additional licensing costs.

We are fully versed in leveraging Microsoft SQL Server and SharePoint to uncover the power of data in context. We have ample background with a variety of BI implementation scenarios, from greenfield development to optimization and extension to platform migration.

Do more with less

A sound database platform trusted by businesses with advanced data needs, Microsoft SQL Server is particularly well-suited for developing robust data-centric systems. Using Microsoft SQL Server as the foundation for business intelligence solutions allows consolidating line of business infrastructures, extracting maximum value from software investments and creating well-integrated, scalable and maintainable server-side environments. We draw on an inside-out understanding of the platform’s native integration, analytical, and reporting capabilities, as well as a selection of third-party tools, in order to deliver database solutions that reflect the uniqueness of each business. Our skills span the entire implementation lifecycle:

  • Data integration and quality management
  • Data warehouse design
  • Database optimization
  • OLAP and data mining tools
  • Automated and self-service reporting solutions accessible via Report Builder or Excel

Standardize on collaborative decision-making

A wealth of powerful business intelligence capabilities turns SharePoint  into an unparalleled software platform for pooling ideas, accessing knowledge, as well as gleaning and sharing insights within teams, departments, enterprises, or partner networks. We help our customers to inject efficient, context-sensitive decision-making into collaborative SharePoint environments:

  • Performance management modules: interactive dashboards and scorecards using PerformancePoint Services
  • Rich Silverlight data visualizations
  • Spatial charts based on Bing Maps

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