R & Predictive Analytics

R programming language is one of the most popular tools for statistical computing, visualization and predictive analytics. It’s a choice of Google, Merck, Bank of America, Pfizer, Facebook, LinkedIn, Shell, and other top companies. 

R programming language 


A free, open source tool for development in the numeric analysis and machine learning spaces.


Available on Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.


  •  Generation of classification, clustering, association, and other predictive models
  • Extensibility and  rich functionality to build tools for performing customized operations
  • A library of several thousand user-contributed packages for running calculations on data and developing predictive tools
  • Extremely powerful graphics system, enabling to produce eye-catching graphs and charts for presentations and reports. 

 Interact with Tomorrow

 Today’s data-centric world suggests that the ability to predict the flow of business processes is a step ahead of the competition.

  • Predictive analytics with R empowers businesses to make decisions based on precise, forward-looking insights.
  • R is the fastest platform for predictive analytics thanks to a variety of pre-built tools available.
  • Single click sharing of analytic solutions guarantees decision makers the easiest way to get actionable advice.

 Deep Immersion into Technology

Internal specialists’ development provides opportunities for constant skills enhancement. Thus, Machine Learning club has been recently opened at iTechArt. It unites engineers, passionate about data, who are sharing the goal of R expertise growth in the company. Club members demonstrate their profound skills and out of the box thinking during a variety of Kaggle’s Data Science competitions (Bike Sharing Demand, Search Results Relevance, Grasp-and-Lift EEG Detection, and others).

Aimed at Excellence

Understanding the significance of proper data analysis, iTechArt is eager to deliver fresh, best-in-class R solutions to our clients. Among successful R projects you can find:

Trading Control for WallachBeth, a leading provider of institutional execution services, offering clients unbiased advice and intelligent trading solutions. The solution helps to analyze market data and manage trading ladders.

Aprenita Portfolio Analyzer. Aprenita is a specialized funding source with the latest approach to lending. It offers an easy and seamless funding solution geared towards mobile developers. Portfolio Analyzer forecasts future revenue of mobile company based on information gathered from market and user analytics.

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