Enterprise Platforms

The .NET platform is one of the major iTechArt's areas of technology specialization.

We have a large pool of skilled and experienced .Net architects and developers with strong engineering talent. Our .Net developers are skilled in creating applications using such technologies as ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, WPF, WCF, MVC, Windows Forms, Silverlight, SharePoint, Managed C++, Mobile Toolkit and many others to provide high professional and cost-effective services to our clients.

Solution-driven experience

Our experience in the .NET arena is balanced and versatile:
Building .NET based applications from the ground up

  • Business intelligence applications
  • Data-intensive distributed solutions
  • Portals
  • Rich client applications
  • Multi-layered systems featuring both web-based and handheld-based interfaces
  • CRM applications
  • Inventory management, value chain and warehousing applications

Integrating newly-introduced .NET solutions with pre-existing .NET, pre-.NET and non-.NET applications. 

Related Case Studies

The following case studies highlight a few of the hundreds of .NET development projects that iTechArt has successfully completed:

  • B2B Portal Solution: an ASP.NET/MVC/AJAX project for secure, permission-based document sharing within and across businesses which connects companies and individuals, enabling users to obtain and provide access to business documentation
  • Online Learning Environment: an interactive ASP.NET/MVC/AJAX online learning environment designed to enhance the quality of instruction in K-12 schools and streamline the teacher preparation process
  • SharePoint Workflow Designer: a Microsoft SharePoint 2007/2010 module enabling  users to create and manage custom workflows for document approval
  • Network Security Solution: a WinForms/WCF project for the modernization of a network management solution for controlling and monitoring vast, geographically dispersed sets of authentication and encryption devices
  • Healthcare Document Management System: a SharePoint/Biztalk Server/WPF solution for automating workflows, optimizing paperless document management, and facilitating organizational procedures in healthcare settings, which provides the ability to access patient information and quickly communicate issues throughout the process
  • Workforce Intelligence System: a Software-as-a-Service solution developed using .NET 4.0/Prism/Silverlight 4/WCF for org charts, analytics and planning that transforms organizational charts into valuable business tools for managing workforce change

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

iTechArt’s reliability on the Windows-targeted landscape has been solidified by our status as a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner. In other words, the staff that will be working with you on your project are fully attuned to the technology, appropriately trained and accredited in line with the all the requirements stipulated by the platform vendor. We have proven our excellence in custom software development areas including data management, SOA and large-scale web development, while our reliability is reaffirmed every time a new solution is deployed.

We know what .NET is about. We understand where the roots of the platform lie, how the technology unfolds over time and how its capabilities stack up together. With a large diverse developer team headed by technology experts, we can afford to pursue multiple knowledge- and talent-intensive development paths. Our expertise extends over the core platform and each of its subsets, including ASP.NET and ASP.NET MVC, AJAX, WCF and ADO.NET, as well as WinForms, WPF & Silverlight.

We focus on C# as the de facto industry standard .NET programming language, perfectly suited for the paradigm inherent to .NET. However, given the platform’s language-neutrality, this choice is by no means restrictive and allows for active VB.NET-based work, as well as a good deal of tinkering with minority languages.  

Agility in project management and adherence to solid architectural guidelines and design patterns allow us to achieve a faster turnaround without compromising maintainability and extensibility.

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