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Event Slider v3.0.0.7

If you have needs to manage events like knowledge sharing sessions or sport activities, Event Slider is the best assistant.
You can control capacity of your event, attach surveys, invite guests. Statistics of attendance will help you to analyse event and determine the most successful one.

Besides you can send a link to the particular event to your users and they will be able to join it using mobile device.

The APP has many features like:

  • Management of event capacity
  • Management of access level to events
  • Event can be easily added to your calendar
  • Advanced survey can be attached to the event
  • All events in organization can be separated on categories (e.g. Sport, Trainings, Parties ..)
  • Users can learn statistics of attendance
  • Users can subscribe on informative notifications
  • ADDIN works completely within SharePoint - ALL DATA IS STORED IN SHAREPOINT LISTS!
  • Import/Export of events from one environment to another

You may use full functionality of Event Slider during 15 days.


Feel free to contact if you have any issues or questions. We'll be glad to hear your feedback.

Table of content

Use Case

1. Go to the home page of Event Slider

2. Go the the settings page and specify permissions for ADDIN.

  • Usually App Administrator is a user who installed the app.
  • App Managers are the Owners of web site.
  • App Participants are Members and Visitors.
  • And you can decide who will be able to see statistics, only Owners or everyone


3. Now you are ready to create the first event! Go to the calendar, choose date and press "+ Add"


4. Fill neccesary properties, like Title, Start and End Date, and upload Image

Here also you can specify:

  • Max amount of users who can join event
  • Category of event (e.g. Sport, Trainig, e.t.c)
  • People who can SEE that event (Assign To property)
  • Questions you want to ask your participants


  • For instance you want to ask following questions:
  • "Are you interested to hear topic about Time Management best practice?"
  • If yes, you want to ask: "Why do you need that information and how it can help to improve your efficiency?"
  • If no, you don't want to ask questions.
  • It will look like on the image below:

5. You are ready to send url for event to your users! Go to the home page of Event Slider, find event, open it and select option "Copy URL"

Now if you send link to event to your users, they will see it differently, depending on device they are trying to join


Desktop, your users can use any browser, Chrome, IE, FireFox:




App Part Functionality Overview

2 types of APP parts: 

  1. Events Slider App Part. Shows organization's events. There are several view types of slider, filter controls, actions, settings which provides a lot of opportunities to use and configure this App.
  2. Events Slider Statistic App Part. Shows statistics of visiting of events. Users could see сolleges have attended events at a given time period.


Different views of Event Slider APP part:

 Carousel Slider view type

Simple Slider view type  


Filtering of events

   Filter control:
Filter control  


Event actions:

Event actions  

  • Edit event
  • Contact iTechArt
  • Contact participants
  • Subscribe on notifications
  • Copy link of particular event

Working with App

Management of categories

1. Go to the App page and choose Categories list at the bottom of the page.

Add Category 

2. Click "new item" on the list view or on the ribbon in the "Items" tab.


3. Fill in the information about new category and click "Save"

Add events

1. Go to the App page and choose Events list at the bottom of the page.

Add Event

2. Choose period of time on the calendar when new event will occur and click "Add". Or click "New Event" on the ribbon in "Events" tab.


3. Fill information about new event and click "Save".

  Add New Event

Fields description:

  1. This image will be shown on the slider. If you leave this field blank then category image will be shown instead.
  2. Your company employees invited to the event
  3. Maximum guest count which your employee can invite to this event.
  4. Maximum amount of persons (participants and their guests) that can join this event.5)    


Add Survey

You can add questions to events and every user should answer to these questions when joining.
If you want to add questions to event click "Add Question" button. You can add many questions for every event.
  Add New Question 

Branching of questions

If you would like to add dependences between questions click to "Configure branching" button around parent question.

Click Configure Branching
Branching Configuring  

Copy existing event

Often some events are very similar. So you can copy existing event, change some fields and save result as new event.
To do this, select copying event and click on "Copy event" button on the ribbon.

Features of Event Slider

Filtering by categories

If you click on a category only events with chosen category will be shown in the slider.


Filtering by date

You can click on "All", "Past" and "Coming soon" filters to see only those events which start date satisfies this filter:
  Filtering by date

Also you could change ordering of the events:
Change ordering of events


How to join event, bring friends to event

1)      You can click "View details" to view more information about event.

  Click View Details

2)      Popup will be shown where you can join this event, unjoin, bring your guests to event.

Event Popup

3)     If there are some questions, added to this event, after clicking on "Join" button you should answer to them.

Event questions 

2. How to subscribe to event updates:

Click on Subscribe button on the event details popup
Subscribe button  
And you will get information about all updates of the event
  Subscription message 
3. How to quick send message for all participants:
Click on "Contact participants" button on the event details popup
  Contact participants button
And write an email to all Participants of the event.
Contact Participants  

How to view all responses

Click on Statistics link
  Statistics link
You could see survey statistics using crart view and bars view
Bars view 
Chart view 
Also App provided an opportunity to export all responses to Excel
  Export to Excel  

Statistics App Part 
This App Part dives you owerview of all events and information about participants for each event.  User could easy select date range and events categories for display.
Statistics App Part 
Export/Import events. 
App gives you possibility to sate your data and time. You could quick make back up of your events with dependent data (participants, images, questions, etc.) or move items between instances of Event Slider App.  
   1. Go to Slider Settings page
       Settings Page
   2. a. Export events. Click on Export button and wait until process will be finished (progress bar and log panel helps you follow the process).
        Export events
   2. b. Import events. Click on Import button and wait until process will be finished.
      Import events

Administrator Guide

Placing Events Slider App Part on the page. App Part Configuration

 After deploying Events Slider App Part to the site you could start to use it immediately on your page.
1.      Go to SharePoint page and add Events Slider App Part then add Events Slider Statistics App PartAdd App Part  
2.      You can edit Events Slider App Part properties. To do this click "Edit Web Part" in the dropdown menu in the upper right corner of the App Part.
3.      Change properties and click "Apply" to preview changes or "Ok" to stop editing.
  Events Slider Properties
        1 - If this property is checked, rotation duration will be decrease when you increase count of events.
        2 - Duration of delay on each event.
        3 - Slider rotation duration.
        4 - Mixed: if count of events for display more then six slider use simple view in any case it use carousel view.
             Carousel: shown events as rotated tiles.
             Simple: shown events in one line with paging.

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