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Survey Management App is excelent component to organize and manage surveys in your organization. The APP​ provides rich capabilities to collect user’s feedback.

The cost : 249,99$

Here are some of them:

  • Comprehensive statistics of answers
  • Different question types.
  • Capability of applying the branching logic
  • Export answers to excel​
  • Handy way to view answers.
  • Plenty of configuration options
  • Different APP parts which allow to manage all survey at once or display only one survey.
In case you figure out that APP is useful for you however you need several additional important features, i.e.
  • integration with specific to your company system
  • applying particular branding
  • anything else you wish
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Note: Demo describes functionality of Survey Management APP v1.1.0.0

Key functionality

1. Create survey​​

2. ​​Answer

3. ​See statistics - charts​

​4. See statistics - bars & excel

​5. See statistics - particular user

​6. Manage all surveys in one place​

Working with App

App home page

After launching app you will be redirected to app home page. It looks like below:

That page displays only available surveys, which Start Date is greater than current dateand End Date is less than current date.


You may switch view to "All items", in that case more simplified version of surveys will be shown and also expired surveys will be shown as well:

On that page you can perform all kind of actions:

  • add new survey
  • edit existing survey
  • delete surveys
  • respond to survey
  • view surveys statistics.

Change view

You can simply change a list view to take a look at all surveys in your system.

Views provided by default:

  • Open surveys (surveys' Start Date is greater than current dateand End Date is less than current date)
  • All Items (all ever created surveys)

Create new survey

To create new survey just click new item link:​

And fill the form:

Title – name of the survey.

Start Date – date from which the survey will be available to respond.

End Date – date till which the survey will be available to respond.

Description – rich html description for the survey.

Allow editing answers – determines allow or not user to edit his answer after the first response.

Allow viewing all answers – determines allow user to view all answers in statistics or just his own answers.

Use dialogs – option to use dialog or pages in "response" and "statistics" forms.

Questions – the survey's questions collection.

Add question

To add new question to survey just click Add Question button.​

And fill the form:

After filling the form click Save button. New questions will appear in the survey's questions list.

There is possibility to allow multiple choices to choice type question.

Edit question

To perform edit action on question click edit link next to the question:​

Than complete the opened popup and click Save button:

Delete question

To delete question click delete link next to the question:

And after the question disappeared click Save button.

Logic branching

To configure logic branching click marked button. Logic branching is available for choice and number types questions.

Configure branching dialog for choice question type looks like below:

For each choice option there is possibility to specify one or more questions which will be displayed when corresponding choice is selected.

Each "branching level" is displayed with padding.

Configure branching dialog for number type question looks like below:

Edit Survey

To perform editing on survey select the item in grid and click Edit Item button in ribbon:​

You will be navigated to Edit Survey Form:

There you are able to change some of the survey's options but not all of them.

Delete Survey

To delete survey select the survey in grid and click Delete Item button in ribbon:

Respond to Survey

To respond to survey just click Respond link next to the survey:

Than complete the form and click Save:

Multiple lines text type question supports rich text editor:

If user doesn’t have contribute permissions on site than he wouldn’t be able to respondto survey and next message would be displayed:

View Statistics

To view statistics click Statistics link next to the survey:

Than the popup with all responses will be displayed. There is some padding which shows branching relations.

Also you are able to view single user responses to all questions in the survey by clicking on user name:​

There is possibility to export all results in excel by clicking button marked below:

Responses to choice type question is displayed with bars and chart:

Copy survey link

To copy survey link navigate to Respond on Survey popup and there click copy link. Than you can share the link.

Working with app part

After you add an app part to site page you can perform all the available actions:

To add new survey click new item link:

To edit survey click edit link next to the survey:

To delete survey click delete link next to the survey:

To answer on survey click respondlink next to the survey:

To view all responses just click statistics link next to the survey:

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