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Best known for its explosive growth, Android has come to mean more things to more people: a multi-purpose mobile operating system, a full-blown software platform, a versatile device ecosystem, and a distinctive mobile smart computing approach. Yet despite a fluctuation in definitions, what really underscores Android's uniqueness is the unparalleled power it gives to the developer world to revisit the benchmarks for an average mobile experience.

Android erases the demarcation between the core native software stack and third-party applications, effectively lifting hurdles to creating fully contextualized mobile solutions and providing a playground for experimentation with functionality, content and service delivery models.

If you are set on capitalizing on the platform's stepped up appeal or would like to dip your toes into developing mobile software the Android way, we can give you a hand with any of the ample software opportunities:

  • Geo-aware mobile applications
  • Peer-to-peer social software
  • Immersive mashups blending native phone data with network based content
  • Entertainment software and games, from lightweight to multi-player
  • Native components for processor-intensive, performance sensitive applications
  • Mobile web clients
  • Mobile touch points for Flash and AIR based rich Internet applications

What we offer is a gut level understanding of the platform in its entirety, with its tooling, capabilities, “gotchas” and firmware peculiarities. This understanding allows us to work with the platform, not around or against it, wherever the next project might take us, from following a tried and tested application paradigm, amplifying the value of an existing solution to taking roads less traveled by and exploring the twists and turns of mobile computing.

We strive for code efficiency and develop future-proof, compatible Android software.

We have more than just a set of programming skills; we have the programming flair.

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