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When physical and visual slickness, ease of interaction and intuitive subtlety in user experience fuse into a unique feel, into a slight, but unmistakably recognizable vibe, user appreciation is remarkably quick to follow. While something as nebulous as a vibe tends to be dismissed as insignificant, in the long run, it proves to be a weighty longevity factor – a truth impressively stated by the iPhone phenomenon. The vibe flows, spreads and ingresses, reaching creative minds and driving its own development. As showcased in the iPhone context, it is powerful enough to close the circle for a perfectly balanced system, where a compelling application experience, user adoption and developer interest are symbiotically interwoven.

Contributing to the smoothness of this arrangement is part of the mission we are pursuing. We provide professional assistance in uncovering a host of business opportunities around iPhone's user centric paradigm:

Leverage the platform's  inroads into the enterprise

Bring-your-own phone (or, quite commonly, bring-your-own iPhone) practices have become a de facto standard for opt-in, grassroots-level approaches to handling corporate mobility. People are enabled to rely on their established task-management patterns and spared the frustration of a whole new platform imposed on them.  As productive as this approach might be, it by no means bars strategic enterprise-wide deployments, especially given the platform’s improved security and connectivity standards. Both the scenarios have been proven to work remarkably well when supported by comprehensive software solutions that integrate and set up complex networks of mission critical synergies.

Empower mobile professionals

Field-based professional to professional and professional to data interactions in areas ranging from healthcare to logistics are vital to facilitating timely feedback exchange, managing dependencies and getting the right decisions made.

Establish a dynamic connection to your customers

The smartphone of choice for a sizeable proportion of the mobile consumer audience and a means of transforming business to customer relations, iPhone-based solutions offer retailers and service providers the advantage of an always-on contextual reach.

Make a difference

The fine line between yet another iPhone application and a truly ground-breaking piece of software – one that would genuinely last and make value to the user and commercial strategies concur – is a clear understanding of the underlying application architecture and user interface philosophies.

Target diverse form factors

Deliver a consistent message throughout a unique platform where touch is in the limelight - be it via iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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