Widely adopted and technologically sound, Symbian remains an appealing option for companies seeking to revisit customer- and workforce-oriented practices, revitalize communication channels and explore new dimensions of their m-business identities.

The platform’s beauty, as well as its complexity, is in its remarkable openness to a whole range of technological approaches, business scenarios and software deployment models. In this context, our primary objective is down to assisting industrial customers and individual software vendors in getting around the complexity of the Symbian platform by selecting and pursuing uniquely adequate mobile development routes, across the native, web-based and cross-platform domains.

Take full advantage of the underlying platform

We are equally proficient in the legacy Symbian C++ stack, the S60 framework, standard C++,  and the next-generation development paradigm pivoting on Qt. This rare combination of essential competencies will allow you to delve deep into the platform’s intricacies and constraints and leverage relevant low-level capabilities such as graphics, multimedia, sensors, or GPS, delivering compelling, platform-aligned application experiences.

Reach new market segments

Given our vast experience of developing for various Symbian powered devices as well as the major alternative mobile platforms, an important aspect of our work consists in helping customers scale the target user base, invest in the future and adjust their mobility strategies. This line of activity includes first and foremost ensuring application compatibility across different form factors, as well as cross-platform software development and mobile application porting.

Reuse valuable information assets

For projects focused on fitting fleets of Symbian devices into corporate networks, making web hosted content and functionality more accessible, or building hybrid solutions around locally stored and web based data, you can tap into our expertise in state of the art web technologies, augmented with deep platform understanding.

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