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Return business and sustainable growth are the two timeless goals that resonate equally well across industries and corporate philosophies. Now that mobility is deeply entrenched in the mainstream corporate mindset, the ultimate recipe for keeping ahead of the curve to a significant extent hinges on finding the right approach to weaving mobility needs into the available infrastructure without distorting the big picture.

Getting mobility right in business settings is often about making the most of the current IT investments, securely tying core back-office systems to point of sale processes and minimizing administrative overheads, that is, about Windows Mobile, currently known as the Windows Phone.

We take particular interest in the Windows Mobile platform because it underlies our expertise in mobile development and opens the door to rugged solutions, well-aligned to the specifics of Microsoft based infrastructures and tailored to the needs of an extensive mobile worker user base.

Striking a balance between continuity and innovation

Given that the platform is slated to undergo a major overhaul in line with the overall direction the entire ecosystem is taking, we are fully aware of the utmost importance of supporting software projects both sides of the Windows Phone 7 Series watershed. With field-tested knowledge in the conventional Windows Mobile toolset wrapped around the .NET Compact Framework and C++ as well as a strategic commitment to exploring the vast potential of the Silverlight platform, we can help you protect software investments, adopt the latest user experience approaches or switch mobility platforms and paradigms

Going above and beyond the basics

Under the umbrella of automating reporting, logging and routine data exchange between mobile professionals and the corporate nerve center, we have contributed to setting up consolidated, holistic environments that outstrip the garden variety business software package. We are adept in specialized areas as wide apart as inventory management solutions, mobile executive dashboards, RFID based security software and front ends for cloud hosted services.

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