QA and Testing

As software evolves in its capacity to fill real-world voids and see to tangible needs, the imperative of ensuring its proper functioning has become universally acknowledged. A minimum of defects, stability and predictability are assumed rather than appreciated. However, what makes any given piece of software viable is not the mere fact that it works, but rather the fact that it works for a particular task and a particular user base.

The latter is only achievable by means of continuous quality assurance, a process embedded throughout the product lifecycle and linked to each of its stages in their entirety, with testing as its intrinsic component. Quality assurance is a complex phenomenon which reconciles interests by combining seamless collaboration across the development process and the ability to assume the roles of the stakeholders involved. This combination sets guidelines and prompts well-grounded choices of tools and techniques within the tester’s reach.  It is what makes software work, and it is what informs our take on quality and our approach to testing.

Having explored the benefits of involving QA specialists early in the development lifecycle while working on end-to-end solutions internally, we extend the same philosophy to QA and testing as a standalone service provided to remote teams. We favor purposeful investigation over perfunctory probing and commit to reaching a perfectly balanced blend of exploratory and confirmatory testing styles. We stick to clear and transparent tracking and reporting procedures to make sure all the activities performed are easily traceable, regardless of the team members' relative locations.

We can help you achieve the following:

  • Eliminate flaws, vulnerabilities and bottlenecks
  • Increase software development efficiency
  • Tackle implicit and long-term risks
  • Ensure fault-free performance and software compatibility
  • Minimize future maintenance costs
  • Evaluate the quality of your software product

We don’t just help spotting, tracing and investigating bugs – we help you build great software.

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