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Test automation is widely adopted by a growing number of companies. Reduced costs, improved test reliability and accuracy explain a popular trend to automate. Automated testing enables to identify and fix bugs as soon as possible, which is vital in today’s ever-complex software projects. Once created, the tests can be executed over and over again. Thus, the initial investment results in long-term, visible benefits for the whole business. iTechArt specialists provide unit, web services and UI testing.

Testing type


Automation tools

 Unit testing

  • Integration testing
  • Acceptance testing


  • detect bugs on early stages
  • can replace manual tests and are excellent for technically complicated and repetitive ones.
  • more extensive tests
  • tests are reusable on different versions of the solution
  • quick validation of product changes with each new release
  • scripts are reusable, and can be executed across a variety of scenarios and environments.


  • xUnit - a bunch of popular testing frameworks. 




SOAP web services testing


  •  SoapUI - a free, open source, cross-platform Functional Testing solution, which provides full test coverage and supports all the standard protocols and technologies.
  • Selenium WebDriver - an open source, cross-browser, cross-platform functional testing tool, for REST web services testing 

Web and Mobile UI test automation

  • Selenium WebDriver, Visual Studio
  • Appium - the leader in capabilities for mobile app testing tools. It can be successfully used separately or as an addition to other frameworks.

Best practices

iTechArt follows best practices and proven automation approaches, including keyword-driven, data-driven and behavior-driven, gaining popularity on a majority of projects. Behavior-driven approach guarantees the whole team involvement into the work process. The signature feature of our tests is their integrity and clarity for both technical and non-technical people. The tests have a detailed results logging, the screenshots can be taken after each step or only after failed ones. iTechArt encourages our customers to use the tests in continuous integration system (CIS). Thus, the tests run automatically and the results are available for review anytime. In our turn we offer configuration services of CIS.

iTechArt test automation assistance always results in the top quality of our customers’ products. 

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