Performance Testing

iTechArt is glad to offer Load & Performance Testing for the systems that are under heavy load 24 / 7 and operate with huge amount of data.

Why necessary?

The testing technique is used to determine the solution parameters in terms of responsiveness under various client-side and server-side conditions. If a company doesn’t run performance tests, the system is likely to perform slow or even crash when faces high-volume traffic and considerable data quantities. To make matters worse, these factors always bring about loss of revenue, customer satisfaction decrease, missing release deadlines, etc.


Our QA specialists identify performance problematic issues well in advance, giving customers the opportunity to fix all possible system bottlenecks. Besides, QA teams provide integral suggestions on how software should be scaled to meet future demand.

Dedicated QA departments offer the following testing services:

Testing type


Load testing

Subjects the system to a graduate load increase. The engineers are to verify that it performs as implied under regular circumstances.

Stress testing

Defines the breaking point of the solution. The system is under extreme conditions, which can be the outcome of heavy network traffic, process loading, massive requests for resource utilization, etc.

Soak testing

Demonstrates whether the product stands a huge load over an extended time period and determines its reaction parameters. Memory leaks and exhausted system resources are detected.

Volume testing

Large data quantities are populated in database. The application’s performance under various database volumes is monitored. 

Efficient toolset

Hands-on experience with a substantial amount of instruments enables us to recommend which tool is the best fit for a certain task. Our specialists use a range of commercial and open source testing tools:

  • JMeter
  • Visual Studio Ultimate Edition
  • LoadRunner
  • Silk Performer
  • Rational Performance Tester
  • NeoLoad
  • LoadUI NG Pro

Key differentiator

iTechArt performance analysts don’t only write test scenarios and conduct numerous tests, but also introduce careful results analysis. If performance doesn’t meet pre-defined criteria, the reasons should be stated, otherwise the procedure isn’t justified. Clarity and accuracy of our detailed performance analysis is highly valued by all the companies we cooperate with.

QA teams guarantee irreproachable system’s run in any business situation and deliver quality that exceeds clients’ expectations.

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