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A great product is a result of careful, thought-out choice of testing strategy. Though, today a big amount of companies leverage test automation tools, the benefits of manual testing make it irreplaceable in development process. Manual testing enables the application to be used as it would be upon launch. Being not robotic, it is more likely to catch any bugs when a user deals with the program in a specific way.  

Testing strategies

In the majority of cases our specialists use gray box testing strategy. Working with a system, they absorb information about how it works and use that to refine the test cases. The engineers analyze the system deeper; find out the reasons why bugs appear. Thus, the teams ensure not only the quality of the product but the high standards of the whole development process as well. Our QA departments embrace web, mobile and desktop testing. 

Web applications

  • Tested on different operating systems and browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari). 
  • The testing is carried out on complicated business scenarios, fully imitating behavior of the end-user. 

Mobile applications

  • Top-new popular devices running on iOS, Android and Windows mobile OSs.
  • Special attention to the system response to different networks (3G, 4G, LTE, Wi-Fi), switching between them, how it performs in case of weak connection or when there is no connection at all.
  • Conformance testing of IOS apps to verify whether the app was developed according to Apple guidelines. 

Desktop applications

  • Tested on different Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, UNIX, Chrome OS).
  • Focus on installation, update, and various configurations of the solutions.
  • Market-oriented approach, choice of the most appropriate type of testing for each customer.

Our expertise

Manual testing teams select various test types; prepare scenarios and investigate the ways to implement testing in development process to maximize the number of defects found. Thanks to our long-lasting QA and domain expertise, iTechArt QA professionals quickly detect bugs and come up with the right ways to fix them. Realizing the importance of deep domain knowledge in qualified QA services, our specialists attend Wealth Management, Healthcare, Banking and many other courses, organized by the company’s management.

Building QA team in iTechArt means getting the most suitable and cutting-edge QA solutions. 

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