Adobe Flex & AIR

If you are thinking ...

  • Superior user experience
  • Real-time communication and large data sets
  • Intuitive enterprise applications
  • Industry standard architectural patterns
  • Smooth performance and responsiveness
  • Rich media
  • Cross-platform, lightweight and user-aware applications with multiple touch points
  • Sticky applications essential for building and maintaining rapport between you and your customers

... you are thinking RIAs powered by Flex.

We offer our customers a wide range of Flex-based development services which include:

  • Cross-platform Rich Internet Application development
  • Flex and AIR programming:Flex + Java, Flex + PHP, Flex + Ruby, and Flex + .NET
  • New interactive UI for existing enterprise applications
  • Development of interactive applications across the web, desktop, and mobile devices
  • Security and usability testing in Selenium, RIATest, FlexMonkey and other tools

With us you get next benefits:

  • Strong engineering talent. iTechArt helps you to design the most effective architecture approach of your system depending upon your specific business requirements, time frame and budget.
  • The right mix of experience and technology. Our developers are experienced with using the newest technologies and industry domain knowledge.
  • Well-defined and mature application development and QA processes. We use industry-standard processes to create high-quality products and solutions.
  • Cost efficiencies of software development due to hiring best experts from Eastern Europe.

If this is exactly what you are thinking about, you might want to meet our Flex team and see your ideas crystallize into robust applications that run in the browser, on the desktop, and across devices, via the Flash player or AIR:

  • End-to-end enterprise level applications
  • Workflow tools
  • Dashboards and data visualization components
  • Mobile applications
  • Rich applications for home devices
  • Communication & networking applications
  • Digital signage and touch screen solutions
  • Multimedia applications and components

Flex a development framework which relies on by both Adobe and a vast developer community for a comprehensive set of tools, approaches and best practices. It is a compelling technology for creating immersive user experiences for applications that fluidly adapt to the platform they run on and take full advantage of something as staple as the internet connection.

The ubiquity of the Flash player makes Flex the obvious choice for public facing applications, but there is certainly more to the story. Enterprise applications built with Flex are scalable, flexible and expose actionable data in a highly usable manner, maximally facilitating analysis and decision making.

With comprehensive expertise that has its roots in Java development and is based on a profound understanding of the technologies making up the Flash platform, we know how to use the relevant tools and practices in order to turn big ideas into great applications.

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