Silverlight & WPF

Looking for certified Silverlight & WPF professionals?

iTechArt offers:

  • Custom solutions or software product development with MS Silverlight
  • Extend and improve existing solutions: integrating of Silverlight plug-in with available web applications
  • Development of interactive applications across the web, desktop, and mobile devices
  • Expertise in programming of complex Silverlight-based controls like animated 2D/3D charts, HR tree-views, task planning, real-time dashboards, integration withmap and payment services
  • Custom web parts development and integration with SharePoint 2007/2010
  • Desktop and Windows Mobile 7 applications development
  • Performance, security and usability testing using MS Visual Studio and most popular QA tools

With iTechArt you get next benefits:

  • Microsoft certified professionals with extensive experience across a number of industries including healthcare, insurance, manufacturing, retail, digital media andfinancial services
  • Well-defined and mature application development and QA processes
  • Cost efficiencies of software development due to hiring experts from Eastern Europe

Our vision

The web has long since broken out of the request-reply walled garden, just as the desktop has moved beyond n shades of gray and all the way towards n shades of rich. Presentation is no longer a neglected area.

We know that.

There is a whole palette of options for making applications speak for themselves.

We know that too, and we like to be able to match the tool with the task to dissolve the proverbial peg-to-hole trepidations. We enjoy the power, performance and impressive tooling available with .NET. This is why our take on rich embraces Windows Presentation Foundation and Silverlight.

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