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Front End is one of the most important parts of today’s tech business. It can increase revenue potential and confidence in your company or, on the contrary, reduce your customers’ productivity and their satisfaction overall. Front End is the first to inform your users that you care about your products and services and, of course, care about them. Demonstrating our proficiency in Front End we deliver best in-class innovative and visually rich products.

HTML5 & CSS3 features

With the release of HTML5 as well as CSS3, business owners started to reckon on more customized and graphically appealing solutions. Redesigned coding features of HTML5 provide by far greater flexibility than older versions. Owing to embedding audio and video, HTML5 is much more interactive with Web Pages than HTML4 used to be. The latest versions of HTML5 and CSS3 allow interacting with a range of new tools such as APIs, controls, multimedia semantics, which brought the new era of Front End.

Perfect on all devices

New laptops, tablets and smartphones are entering today’s market with incredible speed. Though, the disadvantage of the mobile browsers was that they did not always display every web solution in a proper manner. Having passed through the mobile app boom and a number of interim solutions such as HTML5-based mobile optimized websites, the problem was finally solved with the Responsive Design approach which enables the same code work across multiple screen resolutions. Thus, giving any product a responsive design guarantees that it can be viewed perfectly on almost all kinds of internet-friendly devices and browsers. As we are aimed at providing our clients and their users with enhanced user experience, the Responsive Design approach is widely used by our engineers.

Choosing a JavaScript framework

JavaScript templating frameworks are becoming more and more popular these days. Client-side templating offers a lot of benefits: performance, clean separation of data and presentation tier, browser and CDN html caching, maximizing code reusability and maintainability. Today, choosing the right framework for your project has a huge impact on your ability to deliver it on time and the possibility to provide remarkable user experience.

  • AngularJS is one of the most respected frameworks used to create powerful, dynamic web solutions. Since the release in 2009, AngularJS has been widely used by many developers for its convenient extending of custom HTML tags and attributes, known as ‘directives’. It also implements two-way data binding, connecting HTML (views) to JavaScript objects (models) seamlessly. With the latest release of AngularJS, the founders of Angular have resolved the main issue developers experienced before – now Angular is not only powerful and robust, but easy to learn and quick to implement with.
  • React.js is a revolutionary JavaScript library for generating views programmatically. It is not a complete MVC framework - it's the V in MVC, focusing on creating and managing views by dividing the entire UI into components. The React components can be rendered both on the client and on the server sides.
  • Ember.js is used for creating web applications that eliminates boilerplate while providing standard application architecture. Ember helps to create applications, whose logic runs in browser and besides it does not require server requests to functions. Ember updates the DOM directly and immediately when users interact with buttons and text boxes on the browser page.
  • Knockout.js is an MVVM framework providing easy association of DOM elements with model data using a concise, readable syntax. When data model's state changes, UI updates automatically. Knockout enables to set up chains of relationships between model data, to transform and combine it.

iTechArt takes pride in our long-lasting, substantial Front End experience. We look forward to bringing our deep expertise to your new and ongoing projects.

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