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iTechArt specializes in Ruby on Rails development outsourcing and consulting.  We help web and software product companies and teams. Our clients range from large and well-known companies to brand-new start-ups. They all came to us based on our reputation for delivering right solutions. We use industry-standard processes to create high-quality products.

We like working with Ruby on Rails because it makes application beauty both realistic and practical.

Focus on experimentation

With Ruby on Rails, creating functioning prototypes and testing out change implementations is a matter of a couple of days’ development. It is easier to tinker with the application feature set, see changes work, solicit stakeholder feedback and readjust the project priorities on the fly.

The freedom of open source

Along with the freedom spirit, the benefits include community backing, lighter infrastructure costs, as well as no vendor lock in or expensive licensing.

Conciseness and code readability

Ruby on Rails code is enjoyable to write, hence developer productivity, and easy to comprehend, hence simplified extension and maintenance.

Elegant application structure and rapid delivery time frames

Ruby on Rails is based on an agile, increment driven and test centric mindset, as well as a predefined architectural makeup based on the MVC design pattern. The framework takes care of the repetitive routine work and lets developers proceed with the actual design of the application and its core differentiators much faster.


We rely on Ruby on Rails while looking to provide artistic solutions to mundane needs, such as

  • Streamlining social networking, content management, collaboration and e-commerce
  • Automating business processes
  • Building online communities and high-traffic web applications
  • Retrofitting existing web solutions and redefining their user interfaces with high-end technologies such as Adobe Flex

... with fascination, precision and taste. We believe in code beauty and are mature enough to eliminate any hints of wishfulness in estimation and planning.

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