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It’s a networked world. The notion itself may be substantially trite, yet the business value of the network connection is impossible to overrate. Across-the-board adoption of web enabled business patterns promotes hurdle-free information flow among individuals, teams and environments, as well as makes for fluid, multi-location business models, improved maneuverability and greater resilience to market swings.

We provide professional assistance for businesses small and large in uncovering the immense potential of the web as a seamless communication channel and a compelling software deployment platform:

  • Breathing a new life into a colorless online corporate identity
  • Extending the reach of a brick-and-mortar business in order to embrace the extraordinary flexibility offered by the web
  • Providing users with adequate and productivity-focused tooling
  • Bracing fragmented business activities
  • Making people, connections, and expertise easier to discover and engage
  • Delivering useful software that is accessible anytime, anywhere, for the casual user and the time-pressed business executive alike
  • Connecting with customers and business partners
  • Pooling knowledge, coordinating teams and synchronizing effort

Our work is focused on closing the gulf between growing user needs and the available safe average. We are aware of the pitfalls to be avoided, the tradeoffs to be made and the sharp edges to be smoothened along the way to smarter and faster software. When tasked with implementing solutions for governance driven in-house networks or developing sticky applications for the anonymous web, we select approaches judiciously and place the highest priority on the preserving the uniqueness of the actual usage context.

With decades’ worth of experience in ASP.NET, Java web frameworks and Ruby on Rails, as well as a variety of packaged solutions, and most notably Microsoft SharePoint and IBM WebSphere Portal, we secure business lifelines by providing dependable software for collaboration, content management, and e-commerce.

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