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Why build fintech in the cloud now
Cloud computing in financial services is driving industry change faster than ever. It opens up the playing field, democratizes powerful solutions, and accelerates innovation in a positive feedback loop.
19 Oct 2020 910
It's official: iTechArt is now a Google Cloud Service partner
iTechArt proudly joins Google Cloud Partner Program to expand our cloud offering and empower our clients to reach new heights of business growth
16 Oct 2020 1082
Understanding Salesforce Sharing rules
Salesforce has revolutionized the way that businesses and organizations keep track of their clients and customers. Here we're explaining how to enable sharing access to users within various roles and territories.
09 Oct 2020 926
Thwarting fintech security threats at the mobile application layer
Let’s find out how you can make your organization’s mobile payment security something you can depend on.
05 Oct 2020 888
These trends will define the SaaS market in 2021
we've gathered the hottest SaaS industry trends of the VC financing and engineering ecosystem to help you build a relevant SaaS solution and out-innovate your competitors.
02 Oct 2020 842
The Revolutionary evolution of AI and NLP in fintech
We've dived deeper into the concepts of conversational AI and NLP capabilities and advanced chatbots and explore how they transform the banking industry.
30 Sep 2020 957
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