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Data Science in Healthcare
Data Science in Healthcare
Let's review some of the specific ways that data science is being used in healthcare.
09 Jul 2021
Wearable Health Technologies-02
Wearable health technologies
Wearables are part of a broader ecosystem of connected medical technologies. Let's learn what happened in the world of clinical-grade wearable devices in recent years.
07 Jul 2021
CRM for higher education
Just like with other organizations, universities and other higher education institutions can benefit from using a CRM in numerous ways to streamline operations including.
01 Jul 2021
Time and materials vs fixed-price
Explore the two most common billing model among software development vendors and find out which one is perfect for you
25 Jun 2021
data science in fin-02
Data science in finance
Let's discover some of the most significant ways that data science is used in finance today.
23 Jun 2021
Internet of Medical Things: A quick-start guide
From remote patient monitoring to robotic surgery and drug administration, IoMT goes much further than just fitness trackers and mobile health apps. In our article, we explore what's behind this notion.
21 Jun 2021
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