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USB & Android Deep Dive: Theory and Practical Examples

The use of USB technology in Android devices is not widely covered on the web, so we’ve done a deep dive into the topic in order to explain every detail.
17 January 2018 299

Our Year in Review and Plans for 2018

2017 was a great year for all of us here at iTechArt. As we take a look back at all of the remarkable moments of the past 12 months, we look forward to accomplishing even more in the new year.
10 January 2018 324

3 Ways Businesses Can Benefit from the Internet of Things

The latest Gartner Trend Insight Report focused on the Internet of Things and revealed three main benefits of IoT technology for businesses.
09 January 2018 287

Salesforce Apps: AppExchange vs. Custom Development

Need an app to work with your current Salesforce solution? Here are the pros and cons of selecting an app from the AppExchange vs. custom development.
03 January 2018 331

A Quick Overview of Innovative Startups That are Changing the World We Live In

Innovation is not just driven by industry giants. Here are a few startups that are changing the world we live in.
28 December 2017 334

Web Application Vulnerabilities: How to Cope

With so many vulnerabilities, it’s important to protect your web application from the most dangerous attacks.
22 December 2017 374