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Choosing the right CRM for your non-profit
Regardless of the specific features of your non-profit organization, CRM software is something you should heavily consider for your organization. Here we'll explain how to make the right choice.
23 Sep 2020 578
The age of artificial intelligence: A special report
Right now, someone, somewhere, is already building an AI-powered solution to drive innovation. We call on all the leaders and tech enthusiasts: pivoting to AI is no longer up for discussion — let's get it done!
22 Sep 2020 589
Never take container security for granted
Whether you’re using Docker, Kubernetes, or both, establishing firm security practices now will set your company up to evolve with the industry and stay ahead of the curve.
18 Sep 2020 742
How Banking as a Service reshapes the financial services industry
We've decided to dive into the concept of BaaS, how it works, what the leading BaaS providers, and its key benefits are.
16 Sep 2020 912
How to hire developers as a non-technical founder
We'd like to share the questions you should be asking in the interview together with the good and the bad answers you’re most likely to receive.
11 Sep 2020 959
Everything as a service (XaaS): The difference between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
Let's explore the concept of Everything-as-a-service, what service models it entails, their main differences, and some use-cases.
08 Sep 2020 1001