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SaaStr Annual recap: What we learned
In this post, we’ve gathered some takeaways from sessions delivered at SaaStr Annual 2019.
19 February 2019 590
The art, philosophy, and science of Golang
To Go or not to Go? We will share our insights on why you should give Golang a serious thought and will explain why it’s a challenging, but beautiful programming language.
14 February 2019 398
The revolution and evolution of mobile application design
The two major operating systems turned ten recently, so it’s a great time to go on a nostalgic journey through mobile app design history and the visual revolution that pushed the boundaries of possibility.
01 February 2019 502
iTechArt’s 2018 in a flash
2018 is over and done. In this post, we’re reviewing our 2018 achievements and making big plans for 2019.
22 January 2019 712
How Big Data will transform healthcare in 2019
In this post, we’ll discuss how Big Data in the healthcare industry is having an impact and how it is set to transform the industry in 2019 and in the decade to come.
08 January 2019 721
How InsurTech startups supercharge insurance innovation
Let’s see how InsurTech startups are disrupting the insurance industry, which traditionally has been slow in adopting new technology trends.
01 January 2019 639