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Is Golang the New Java for Developing Enterprise Applications?

Golang is now one of the most popular programming languages on GitHub. Is it going to replace Java when it comes to developing enterprise applications?
20 October 2017 217

Porter’s Generic Competitive Strategies for Startups

Check out how to make Porter's Generic Strategies model play to startup advantage
18 October 2017 180

Will the Fintech Startup Revolution Kill Traditional Banking?

The financial industry has been disrupted by apps like PayPal, Kickstarter and Mint. Read how startups affect traditional banking.
16 October 2017 257

Forget emoticons - use selfies!

SPFx: Forget emoticons! Use a selfie to express your reaction.
13 October 2017 269

Dreamforce 2017: 4 Things to Expect

Are you going to the Dreamforce 2017? That should be fun! Here is why.
09 October 2017 142

What Startups Can Learn from the MAYA Principal

Here’s how and why entrepreneurs should apply MAYA philosophy to their development process.
02 October 2017 180