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4 best practices for managing remote teams

Working with remote employees can be challenging at times. Here are 4 simple steps that can help you successfully manage remote teams.
18 June 2018 302

3 tips to help non-techies choose the right programming language

Here are 3 simple tips to help non-technical people choose the right programming language for their startup.
14 June 2018 344

What startups can learn from 3 top Internet Trends of 2018

There’s a new Internet Trends Report out and we’ve dissected it for you. Here’s what startups need to know.
12 June 2018 446

Why Microsoft’s acquisition of GitHub has developers worried

Microsoft’s recent acquisition of GitHub proves the company is headed in a different direction when it comes to the open-source community.
06 June 2018 431

Golang vs. Java: Which is better for development?

When it comes to programming languages, which is better? Golang or Java?
05 June 2018 525

Conversation with our client Nivo1

We asked one of our clients what it’s like to work with the iTechArt team. Here is what we’ve learned.
30 May 2018 458