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The essential steps to scaling a startup
In this article, we uncover some key critical factors you should remember on the path to a successful scale-up.
06 December 2018 544
iTechArt is ready to rock SaaStr 2019!
Continuous education and self improvement is what moves our team forward. We strive to attend a least a couple of big tech events each year, and right now, we’re really excited about SaaStr!
03 December 2018 414
Types of healthcare apps: Fusing medicine and technology
Numerous technology-driven solutions and applications are disrupting healthcare. Let’s take a look at the most significant types.
28 November 2018 601
SaaS development trends you need to know for 2019
With 2019 rapidly approaching, we wanted to take a look at some SaaS development trends to help enhance your decision-making.
22 November 2018 574
Critical best practices for DevOps security
Want to take DevOps security to the next level? Here are DevOps best practices to get started along the path to DevSecOps.
16 November 2018 504
Beyond the hype: How to use blockchain technology wisely
How to use blockchain technology wisely? Read the article to learn whether you should leverage blockchain for app development.
09 November 2018 640