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IT-holidays at iTechArt

At the end of March Belarusian pupils had a chance not only to have a rest from school, but to participate in educational workshops «IT-holidays».
04 April 2017 668

Going to the top: 2016 was a big success

iTechArt has been ranked 4th by Sales among custom software engineering vendors and 5th among all 165 HTP resident companies.
15 March 2017 566

iTechArt is now a Salesforce consulting partner

We've recently joined the community of consulting partners and grow our SFDC team to go beyond.
09 November 2016 791

Partnership midset

Today digital marketing agencies and technology consulting companies heavily rely on outsourcing to deal with unpredictable workstreams.
16 September 2016 730

Think Automotive

The automotive industry is a complicated and demanding business environment.
09 September 2016 767

IoT: Wave of transformation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming the way the World operates.
04 July 2016 745