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Life after an IPO in 2019
Here are six best practices you can implement after your initial IPO that will have you six steps closer to adding another zero to your revenue.
07 August 2019 409
What startups need to know about microservices architecture
Microservice architecture is an increasingly popular way of engineering software solutions. Let's have a look at one of the most effective ways for companies of every size to become more agile.
23 July 2019 408
Showdigs: The future of software development is remote
Kobi Bensimon, CEO at Showdigs, and Ohad Ron, VP of Product, spoke with iTechArt about what underpins their solution and shared some plans for the future.
09 July 2019 674
Flutter vs. React Native: Survival of the fittest
We’ve pitted React Native and Flutter against each other in order to help you decide what technology to use in your current or future projects.
18 June 2019 1248
iTechArt takes home Bronze Stevie® Award for Fastest Growing Tech Company
We are thrilled to announce that iTechArt received a Bronze Stevie® Award for Fastest Growing Tech Company of the Year at the 2019 American Business Awards.
13 June 2019 23741
The San Francisco CTO Summit takeaways: Listen. Inspire. Change the game
Missed the CTO Summit in San Francisco? You missed a lot. Here’s our wrap-up of this most insightful and engaging engineering event.
31 May 2019 672