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Why we love React Native
In this post, we’ll talk about why we love React Native and prove that it’s a not just a scene-stealer, but a big leaguer in the engineering world.
14 April 2019 397
7 UX trends in 2019
In 2019, UX-design will be a high priority for startups and large-scale businesses. Let’s take a closer look at UX trends that have the potential of becoming big in 2019.
05 April 2019 449
How do chatbots really work?
Ever wondered how chatbots work and why it seems that everyone is using them? We answer these questions in our latest blog post.
28 March 2019 443
Serverless architecture: What, why and how?
In this post, we’ll dig into concept basics of serverless computing to help you decide if serverless technology is right for your project.
18 March 2019 529
Why web accessibility matters
Let’s explain digital accessibility and review some basic design and development practices that can help provide more personal and adaptive experiences for all users.
05 March 2019 652
SaaStr Annual recap: What we learned
In this post, we’ve gathered some takeaways from sessions delivered at SaaStr Annual 2019.
21 February 2019 871