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How insurance companies use Robotic Process Automation
A big part of the digital transformation in the insurance industry is looking at the ways in which many of the tasks that take up valuable employee time can be performed more cost-effectively and efficiently with automation.
17 Sep 2021
How big data is transforming banking
Now that banks and financial institutions have the capabilities to capitalize on big data, what are some of the ways it is being used?
13 Sep 2021
Digitally transforming your insurance company
Want to know about some new ways how digital transformation is changing the insurance industry?
06 Sep 2021
Digital transformation in banking: 5 trends to watch
As traditional banks are now facing more competition than ever before with the rapid rise of digital startups in the fintech space, let's have a closer look at the key areas of digital transformation in banking.
30 Aug 2021
Medical device innovations
Here is a look at some of the newest innovations in medical devices that are in use now, as well as a look at some we may be seeing in the not-too-distant future.
23 Aug 2021
CRM for investment banking: A quick-start guide
This time we have put together a short summary of some of the standout CRM software solutions for the investment banking industry to help you pick up one that suits your needs best.
16 Aug 2021
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