3 Big Data Startups That Are Changing the World

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It’s a big, Big Data world.

Consumer obsession with ecommerce and mobile devices has given companies the ability to collect unlimited data. When these companies properly analyze that data, they’re able to make informed business decisions, gain a competitive advantage, and provide personalized suggestions and experiences for their customers.

Big Data has become a niche market in the startup industry. Every day, new tech companies are launching solutions that capitalize on the wealth of information available and how to take that information and create innovative applications to change the world.

Three of our clients are part of this new trend. Meet the startups that are disrupting the status quo.

Braavo Capital

Braavo Capital analyzes mobile app development companies according to the popularity of their applications as a measure of credit-worthiness, making it easier for these types of startups to get funding.

Typical banks usually look at a credit score or previous years of financial statements before deciding whether or not to approve a loan. The problem is that most startups haven’t had time to build credit and lack an extensive financial history. Braavo Capital introduced the idea of CaaS (Capital as a Service).

iTechArt helped to develop Braavo’s Portfolio Analyzer, which is a tool that looks at past performance and then forecasts future revenue based on information gathered from market and user analytics. This helps the company determine which developing startups they want to invest in.


Isn’t it frustrating when you want to share photos or videos with family and friends, but they’re all on different devices? Some want you to send them the photos via text on their mobile phone. Some prefer that you email the photos to their laptop or desktop. Wouldn’t it be great if you could share the photos one time and give everybody access to them?

TriPlayis a cloud services provider for sharing music, photos, videos and more across multiple devices and operating systems. The idea originated when founder Tamir Koch wanted to be able to share photos with his mother on both her laptop and her mobile device. Now, over one million users are sharing music and photos on their smartphones, tablets, computers, and even smart TVs and wearable devices.

TriPlay turned to iTechArt to develop its “My MusicCloud” music store and cloud listening app, which currently has a music catalog of over 23 million songs.

WallachBeth Capital

The Big Data movement has had a massive impact on the financial industry. Never before has so much information been available to help make decisions when it comes to investing.

Based in New York City, WallachBeth Capital is a leading provider of institutional financial services and trading solutions. The company utilizes Big Data as the basis for its trading strategies and consulting advice.

iTechArt worked with WallachBeth to create Ensemble, which is a software solution that connects order management with execution systems and provides algorithmic trading brokers with a smart routing strategy.

WallachBeth recently credited a 200% increase in electronic trading to the deployment of Ensemble.

Are you a startup focused onBig Data? Or are you interested in harnessing the power of Big Data to further grow your business? We can help. Contact us and let’s start planning how we can make you the next “big thing” in “Big Data.”

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