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3 reasons why startups should go remote

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Ever wonder how some of today’s top startups became so successful in such a short amount of time? Aside from having a brilliant idea, the majority of these companies hired remote teams for their product development.

All organizations have limited resources in the beginning stages, especially money and staffing. There are also significant challenges when it comes to finding highly qualified engineers in their area.

What’s the best way to handle these challenges? Hiring dedicated teams! Here are three specific problems a startup will face that can all be solved by outstaffing.

1. When you have a limited budget

Successful startups all have one thing in common when they first started out: a very limited budget. Before they can generate any type of "buzz", they have to develop a product that wows their user base and attracts attention from the venture capital world. This is hard to do when you can’t afford to hire a full staff of technical, sales and marketing professionals.

Using an outstaffing company gives you access to the highest level of talent without the additional expenses of traditional in-house hiring, such as benefits packages, office space, and equipment costs.

Another cost-saving benefit of dedicated teams is that you can hire developers for a specific period of time rather than having to enter into long-term employment contracts. For example, if you need an engineer with a very specific skill set for one area of development, you can hire someone just for the amount of time it takes to get that particular portion completed, rather than hiring someone full-time whose skills might go to waste after their portion of the development phase is completed.

2. When you need an MVP ASAP

With startup accelerator and business incubator programs becoming more and more popular, we’ve seen an uptick in the number of clients contacting us here at iTechArt. The best startup accelerators require a company to have a minimally viable product (MVP) in place in order to apply for their program.

Dedicated teams for startups

For example, NextCaller trusted us their app development because they needed a minimally viable product in order to secure funding. We were able to provide them with a stable team of senior-level developers and QA engineers that helped them quickly deliver their first MVP. Now NextCaller is among the most successful Y Combinator graduates.

Not only does a dedicated team perform the actual development work that saves a startup time and money when developing the MVP, they can also provide extremely helpful advice on what features are really needed and those that should be left for future development.

3. When you need to scale

In order for any startup to be truly successful, they must be prepared to scale. Scaling applies to both the product itself and the company as well. The ability to scale-on-demand is one of the most important benefits that outstaffing offers.

Our client Etouches faced a problem with scalability when their previous vendor wasn't able to keep up with the expanding skill set and experience required for the growing application. We were able to quickly provide them with two senior engineers and further scale up to 14 developers over eight months. iTechArt is now the only development center for the client.

Having a dedicated team on-demand can provide an enormously high level of peace-of-mind and confidence to a young startup. Knowing that you have access to the most highly qualified developers whenever you need them and that you can control the costs gives founders and CTOs more time to focus on innovation.

While there is no such thing as an “overnight success” in the startup world, going remote certainly helps speed up the process of achieving development goals and milestones.

When time and money are both in limited supply, working with a highly-qualified outstaffing agency can be the best decision a startup can make and can determine whether it succeeds or fails.

If you are looking to hire web developers or need an experienced custom software development company, we can help! Get in touch with us today and we’ll be happy to show you how outstaffing can work for your organization.

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