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5 Negatives That Can Actually Be Positive

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Negative #1: Your app is not that pretty or lacks the “wow” factor.

Consider MySpace and Facebook. The developers at MySpace focused too much on how it looked and not enough on how it actually worked. Then Facebook came along and blew it off the map. Why? Because to begin with, Facebook didn’t care how it looked. It cared about what it did. And so did all the early adopters that made Facebook such a huge success.

Making your application “work” should always be the first priority. Putting all your focus on making it “pretty” is a recipe for failure.

Consider this. If people are still using your application, then you must be solving a real problem better than the competition. This is your chance to become a leader. Be the Facebook. Not the MySpace.

Negative #2. Nobody is using my product.

This is the time to tweak. When you don’t have a high adoption rate to start, it gives you a bit more freedom to develop. You can experiment. You can do more research and really focus on what the end-user wants and needs.

Don’t think of your app as a failure. At this stage, it’s a work-in-progress.

Negative #3. You have limited resources.

When your resources are limited, you tend to limit waste. You don’t waste time and you certainly don’t waste money, because you don’t have it. Having limited resources is not only a chance to learn everything about your product and your company - because, basically, you’re doing everything, but it also means you have to focus on the MVP.

This is the time to focus. What are we doing? Why are we doing it? And why will people care?

Negative #4. You have trouble finding the right people.

It’s okay if it takes you awhile to find the perfect match when it comes to your employees. A startup is like a family. Not only do you want to make sure the candidate is a good fit for your startup, but you want them to feel the same way about you.

“Early on it is tough to pick winners out of all the startups we see at RocketSpace. But the single consistent behavior we see is their effort and ability to attract and hire great people. Often startups complain they can’t afford top tech talent and can’t compete withSalesforce,GoogleorApple. But in every large company there are people desperate to get out and join an exciting start up. It just takes effort to find them.”

Founder & CEO Duncan Logan,RocketSpace

Negative #5. You hear “no” way too often.

Think about how many successful entertainers, athletes, and entrepreneurs were told “no” a hundred times. Then on the 101th time, they got a “yes” and went on to become Oscar winners, MVPs, and billionaires. They didn’t take no for an answer. They used the rejection to fuel their drive and make themselves or their product better.  

When Michelangelo was asked about the difficulties he encountered sculpting his masterpiece David, he replied, “It is easy. You just chip away the stone that doesn’t look like David.”

Just keep chipping away. Success is right around the corner.

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