5 reasons to use React Native for cross-platform development

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React Native (RN) is a JavaScript framework that is popular among programmers for Android and iOS native app development. It is the result of a Facebook hackathon and is currently owned and managed by the social media giant.

Although it has only been around for a few years, React Native has quickly become a top tool for mobile app development. Airbnb, Instagram, Bloomberg and Walmart have all utilized the platform in developing their mobile applications.

So, what exactly is it about React Native that has so many developers singing its praises? The reasons vary depending on the programmer and the project, but here are the top five if you’re considering React Native for cross-platform app development.

1. React Native saves time

Developing, testing, and deploying an individual native app for Android and iOS operating systems takes an enormous amount of effort and time.

With React Native, you can code once and deploy to both. This is a huge advantage considering the need to get a quality product to market as quickly as possible. Faster development plus faster deployment equals a huge advantage over the competition.

2. React Native saves money

When an application or solution saves time, it in turn saves money. This is doubly true with React Native. Not only can you develop a mobile app for the two major operating systems all at one time, but you can also do it with fewer programmers.

In the past, in order to create a mobile application for iOS and Android phones, you would need to hire a team of developers that specialize in each of the two operating systems. With RN, you really only have to hire one highly qualified developer who is skilled in React Native and JavaScript.

If time and money are two of your biggest concerns in cross-platform development, React Native is the right framework for you.

3. React Native is easy to learn and easy to use

When Facebook released React Native, the motto was “ learn once, write anywhere. ” The company had set out to make it easier for developers to create amazing apps for all devices in a shorter timeframe, and specifically, to be able to make timely improvements to the Facebook mobile app.

React Native builds upon standard programming principles for Android and iOS and adds JavaScript and React. So, if a developer is comfortable using JavaScript to create web applications, they’ll have no problem using React Native to develop mobile apps. The RN framework will be very familiar to web developers as the UI tags are very similar to HTML.

Learning React Native will take a lot less time for a beginner or intermediate developer than learning native iOS or Android programming. There are also numerous tutorials and libraries that make it easy for developers of all skill levels to learn React Native.

4. React Native is easy to test

React Native testing is easier than most QA processes because of the “code once” aspect. This makes the testing phase go quicker and more smoothly. It’s also important when it comes time for updates and improvements to the application.

A quality assurance team testing React Native will spend significantly less time building testing scenarios than if they were testing native iOS and Android apps.

5. React Native is supported by a great community

Even though it’s still in its infant stage, React Native has a huge following of loyal fans among developers. Programmers love the fact that Facebook is constantly making updates and improvements to the framework.

The React Native community features thousands of experienced JavaScript and native iOS and Android developers that are always sharing tips and tricks as well as contributing code the React Native library. And because there is already such an extensive collection of established JavaScript libraries, developers using React Native are able to utilize both.

Whatever question or challenge you might run into when using React Native, chances are you’ll find the help you need in the RN community.

React Native mobile development is the best choice being the most efficient and cost-effective method for developing mobile apps for all operating systems. 

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