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Using data science and machine learning for fraud detection
Companies lose about 5% of annual revenue to fraud. Luckily with machine learning and data science technologies, it’s easier to detect and prevent fraud.
How to use neural networks in financial trading and analysis
Neural networks make boosting trading strategies and conducting ongoing analysis way easier. Here are the details behind the magic of "the machine mind".
How to use augmented reality in engineering
Here is a look at some of the ways applications that include immersive technologies like AR and VR can be used in engineering and other AEC industries.
StockMarket-DataAnalytics_ main.jpg
Stock market data analytics explained
Data analytics are vital for gaining a better insight into the stock market. Let's have a look at the use of data analytics in stock trading and the science behind it.
How do chatbots work? Often with a little help from AI
Ever wondered how chatbots work and why it seems that everyone is using them? We answer these questions in our latest blog post.
Choosing an engine for VR: Unity vs Unreal
Whether working on a first-person shooter or designing apartment tours, a good VR engine is a must. Explore Unity and Unreal Engine with us to choose what's best for you.
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