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Everything you should know about Elixir in 1000 words
Elixir is rising in popularity as a programming language. Here are several reasons developers love this new language as well as some disadvantages.
23 October 2018 5884
3 ways startups can use Big Data to grow faster
Understanding what to do with Big Data can be the determining factor as to whether your startup will succeed or fail. Here are 3 ways you can use Big Data to grow faster and smarter.
05 October 2018 1039
iOS app development trends that will dominate 2019
Here are some predictions to help you look into the future of iOS app development for 2019 and beyond.
20 September 2018 5896
4 emerging AI trends to watch
Artificial Intelligence is in vogue. Here are some of the most promising AI and machine learning trends to watch.
18 September 2018 1307
5 reasons to use React Native for cross-platform development
If you need to create a mobile app that works across all devices, you need to do it with React Native. Here’s why.
13 September 2018 1870
Unveiling the benefits of Blockchain-as-a-Service
Blockchain-as-a-Service providers are making it easier for businesses to understand and implement blockchain technology.
07 August 2018 1322