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iTechArt at CTO Connect: Bridging engineering gaps
CTO Connect is just around the corner! Here is why you should attend this important event.
14 May 2019 457
SaaStr Annual recap: What we learned
In this post, we’ve gathered some takeaways from sessions delivered at SaaStr Annual 2019.
21 February 2019 970
iTechArt is ready to rock SaaStr 2019!
Continuous education and self-improvement are what moves our team forward. We strive to attend a least a couple of big tech events each year, and right now, we’re really excited about SaaStr!
03 December 2018 898
iTechForum 2018: key takeaways
At iTechArt, we encourage everyone to create and innovate. That’s why our recent iTechForum was such an ultimate success. Head here for more exciting details.
21 June 2018 1055
4 steps to building a successful engineering team
How does a CTO build a successful engineering team? What are the key factors to recruiting and retaining the best talent? Here are our tips.
27 April 2018 1195
CTO Summit 2018: what to expect
The 5th Annual CTO Summit is happening in San Francisco in May. iTechArt is proud to be sponsoring this important event. Here’s what to expect.
19 April 2018 1044