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White paper: A guide to remote work in 2020
We are launching this white paper to study the emerging canon of remote work and see how startups of the year 2020 are flouting all the laws of crisis, changing the technology business on the go.
16 Apr 2020 2190
Cloud computing: New trends in 2020.jpg
Cloud computing: New trends in 2020
In 2020, several buzzwords are evolving from marketing lingo to real-world technologies. Let's have a look at these futuristic technologies that are now shaping cloud markets.
25 Feb 2020 1067
Report - State of the U.S. startup technology market
Reports the current state of the US startup technology market based on personal hands-on insights and analyzes perspectives of 378 leading startup executives.
31 Jan 2020 1963
Sneak peek: Vue Chapter 3
Sneak peek: Vue Chapter 3
Short of the Vue 3.0 worldwide debut, we’re unveiling the most highly-anticipated upgrades to one of the fastest-growing frameworks.
30 Jan 2020 942
Fintech trends to watch in 2020 and beyond
From IoT to cloud, innovative solutions are revolutionizing fintech. Learn about the hottest trends that will impact financial institutions in 2020.
23 Jan 2020 872
Urgent care and telemedicine for better healthcare
Let’s see what kind of tech solutions may help urgent care providers streamline their daily operations, and whether telemedicine is worth a try for high-quality healthcare delivery.
16 Dec 2019 1346