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It’s a real product now
We asked one of our clients what it’s like to work with the iTechArt team. Here is what we’ve learned.
26 December 2018 1288
How we helped ClassPass become a huge success
ClassPass has achieved enormous success and adoption in the marketplace since its initial launch. We are happy to have played a small (but yet significant) role in that success.
19 January 2018 1719
Will the Fintech Startup Revolution Kill Traditional Banking?
The financial industry has been disrupted by apps like PayPal, Kickstarter and Mint. Read how startups affect traditional banking.
16 October 2017 1503
SPFx: Back to Script Editor
Read how we make Sharepoint work harder.
20 September 2017 4180
These 2 Startups Are Making the Web a Safer Place
Take a look at iTechArt helping pave the way for a safer web.
07 September 2017 1001
Going to the top: 2016 was a big success
iTechArt has been ranked 4th by Sales among custom software engineering vendors and 5th among all 165 HTP resident companies.
15 March 2017 2113