AI special report: Perspectives, insights, and analysis

Some topics featured in our report include:
  • Size, share, and growth prospects of the artificial intelligence market
  • The key AI products and the startup brains behind them (Spoiler: enterprises are also successful in this game)
  • The current trends, predictions, and tech disruptors within the AI and ML space
  • 5 essentials steps on how to implement AI in business

Who will love it?

Right now, someone, somewhere, is already building an AI-powered solution to drive innovation and disrupt traditional business. We call on all the leaders and tech enthusiasts: pivoting to AI is no longer up for discussion — let's get it done!

AI-minded startup founders
If you want to kick off an AI-powered project, we'll take you through AI basics, help identify the problems to solve with AI, and foreshadow some obstacles to its adoption.
Enterprise 2.0 IT executives
Tried-and-true processes that have kept you afloat for years may simply not be enough anymore. Learn why AI is a critical tool to keep up with today's hyper-connected, informed, and remarkably tech-savvy customers.
Aspiring AI engineers
AI talent desperately wanted. Worldwide. Maybe it's your turn to reinvent your career with artificial intelligence? We've collected the why's and how's.
Artificial intelligence used to be a mere promising technology whose potential was hidden behind hype-driven headlines. Now, it's about tangible, real-life impact in virtually every industry and domain. We're going to show why entrepreneurs consider AI integral to organizational innovation and prove how AI (and its sidekicks such as ML, NLP, computer vision, etc.) can transform your company's strategy, mitigate risks, and bring new business value.
Fast-forward through the report
  • North America champions the market with a share of 42.4% in 2019. Interestingly, U.S. companies raised 56% of global AI investment
  • AI will replace 16% of U.S. jobs by 2025 (with office and administrative positions the most heavily influenced).
  • The BFSI sector has the biggest AI market share involving financial analysis, risk assessment, and investment/portfolio management solicitations. However, healthcare is anticipated to become a leader by 2027.
  • There are 50 AI unicorns globally, with 21 found in the United States alone.
  • Of all AI applications, computer vision is the most popular. The global computer vision market is expected to grow from $11.9B in 2019 to $19.3B by 2025.
  • Marketing and sales prioritize AI and ML higher than any other department in enterprises today.
  • AI trends of 2020 include deepfakes, green AI, digital workers, and some other buzzwords.
  • If the project is focused on content moderation, complex disease treatment, or LegalTech solution, to name a few, AI may be too ambitious for you right now.
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The age of artificial intelligence: A special report