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The Apple 2017 Keynote: What We Have to Look Forward To


On Tuesday, Apple held its 2017 Keynote event at the new Steve Jobs Center in its Cupertino, California headquarters. Of course, everyone is already buzzing about the new iPhone X, (and it’s $1000 price tag!) And while we agree that the larger screen and the edge-to-edge OLED display are nice upgrades, we’re most excited about the new technology and the possibilities it brings for future development.
Here’s what we’re looking forward to:


If you want to access your new iPhone X, you’re going to have to give it some face time. Meaning that the new way to activate or wake-up your phone is to point it towards your face. There is no home button at the bottom anymore to press. Apple’s new Face ID scans your face and then unlocks your phone.

Facial recognition is not actually a new technology. It’s been used previously in Kinect for Xbox 360 and later for Xbox One. But these sensors were focused more on body motions than the face itself. The new iPhone X is equipped with something called TrueDepth, which features a camera with a dot projector that produces 30,000 invisible infrared dots that “map” your face.

Face ID is more secure than fingerprint login because, according to Apple, the chance of fooling the technology is 1 in a million, as opposed to the chances of someone other than you logging into your phone with their fingerprint is 1 in 50,000.


Just think about all the new apps that will be developed in the coming years to capitalize on facial recognition technology. The face filters that make Snapchat and Instagram stories so popular are about to see a lot of competition. More applications like MSQRD – the “Masquerade” face swapping and mask filter app will be developed.

In addition to these types of “fun” apps, new developments in security applications are about to explode with this new technology. Government buildings, airports, schools, and office buildings could all stand to benefit greatly from increased security with facial recognition scanning. Banks and financial institutions could update their current “chip and PIN” technology to facial recognition for customers using debit and credit cards.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to developing the next generation of security apps.


Another exciting revelation at the Apple 2017 Keynote was that the new operating system will feature ARKit – a tool for developers to create augmented reality (AR) application.

ARKit allows an iOS device the capability to recognize flat surfaces and then add graphical content on top of them. This type of technology will lead to exciting enhancements in the overall gaming industry. For example, you’ll no longer need to create an avatar. With facial recognition and the new ARKit, one will automatically be created that looks exactly like you, because it is you.

More importantly, ARKit may significantly help advancements in the healthcare and science industries. Just imagine what can be done with 3D printing when it comes to prosthetic limbs, potential cures for blindness and deafness, and more, augmenting real people’s real lives for the better.

In conclusion, there’s a reason that Apple fans get so excited about the annual Keynote address every year. And it’s not just because of the latest iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad. It’s the technology behind those cool products we love so much that is truly changing our world for the better.

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