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Beyond gadgets: Are you keeping up with EdTech?

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As a natural outcome of constant technological advancement and widespread digitalization, the world of education technology is constantly evolving.

We have good news and we have bad news here.The bad news is that we’re definitely waving goodbye tothe conventional pattern of education on which we used to rely. The good news? A new era of learning is here! And it’s not hype either. It’s our reality full of discoveries.

Education was once known as a sector notoriously slow to change. But now, EdTech is one of the most vibrant sectors in most countries. Just look at the stats! By November 2017, investors around the globe put around$8.15 Billion into EdTech companies, which is 11% more in comparison to 2016 ($7.33 billion). What’s more, according to IBIS Capital, the EdTech market is expected to reach $252 billion by 2020, which is an almost threefold increase since 2013. Impressive, right?

Education has surpassed all boundaries. Today, students are utilizing virtual reality to travel to other countries instead of just reading geography textbooks. It is now possible to enroll and complete any type of online course from anywhere in the world. And the list of such benefits is unending.

The future of education is already happening and innovations are continuing tosweep through classrooms. But one thing is clear: education is about to get even more futuristic.

If you are curious to learn more about the futuristic education trends that will boom in the coming days, here is a list of the hottest trends you should follow.

1. Adaptive learning in the classroom and beyond

The hottest topic among educators is not about the tech at all, it’s about the students.

It’s no secret that every individual learns differently. Technology allows teachers to accommodate unique abilities on a case-by-case basis. We’re heading towards a new learning ecosystem in which schools adapt to a child instead of each child trying to adapt to the educational process.

With technologies such asDreamBox, a math education software that's used in a number of classrooms across the US, andRealizeIt,a personalized learning system focused on mastery-based learning,students are taught and challenged at their own level.

The benefits of adaptive learning are not limited to in-class students. With lots of devices, learning is no longer defined by time and place. Learners who have less educational opportunities as a result of learning or physical disabilities will no longer be underserved. As such, adaptive learning apps are destined to address educational inequity and close knowledge gaps.

Thus, we can forget about pursuing a one-lesson-for-all model with a clear conscience.

2. Mobile learning puts new skills at your fingertips

Following the first paragraph, it’s worth noting that the mobile app market offers tons of educational apps and their popularity is only increasing. Giventhe widespread use of mobile devices, M-Learning has become a hot trend in EdTech.

A multitude of videos, presentations, VR and gamified learning appshave created a huge opportunityfor students, totally reshaping the way we learn. Moreover, social networks allow for a global learning network where everyone canshare insights, useful resources, and best practices.

Mobile learning’s biggest advantages are greater flexibility, better student engagement, access to experts and peers on-the-go, and many others.

3. Tapping into the value of Big Data and analytics

In today’s world, we can monitor anything. Various integrating systems and analytical tools make it easier to support data-driven improvements in teaching and learning.

With the help of student data, amazing changes can be made. When applied right, learning analytics will establish extra training if necessary and will lead to dropout prevention, better instructional performance, and desired outcomes.

4. Entertainment + Education = Edutainment

An amalgamation of education and entertainment is designed to inform as well as amuse. The diversity of slides, videos, and AR-enabled solutions is captivating learners through engaging practices in and out of the classroom.

A great example would be theCOSCOI Friendsapp series that includes two smart edutainment apps that provide “global content which will breathe new life into characters.” These apps are distributed to 135 countries.

After all, what won’t students learn in a creative and funny way?

5. AI will enhance teachers, not replace

It is predicted that Artificial Intelligence in the US education will grow by 47.5% from 2019-2021 according to eSchool News reports.

With the growth of the AI and machine learning technologies, a teacher is now considered more of a facilitator. In this regard, the question arises: what will the role of teachers be in this new robotic world?By now, it’s clear that teachers will not be replaced by robots. Instead, they will get a boost in efficiency thanks to technology.

AI and ML tools work best when paired with human activities, soAI-powered educational solutions will inevitably show up in classrooms. For instance,The Next Webreports that a math-tutoring tool called Third Space Learning is going to disrupt the learning-teaching process. The solution uses its cache of student-teacher data to create AI projects that identify positive teaching patterns. So, there’s every chance that AI might soon become a teacher’s new best friend.

At iTechart, we keep up with all the latest EdTech trends

We love EdTech because we truly believe that education has no boundaries.

So of course we were extremely happy to work withThe National Association of Independent Schools(NAIS), a nonprofit membership association that provides services to more than 1,800 schools and associations of schools in the United States and abroad. We helped them breathe new life into the world of education by introducing a few critical integrations and upgrades.

Moreover, our dedicated engineers created an eye-catching app for Kids Academy. The app is powered by neural networks that are able to analyze tasks completed by kids and evaluate their performance.Also, we enhanced the performance of theiData system,which helpshigher education with effective data management.

And these are just a few examples of how we rock!

Sometimes they say that all the great things are already done. But in EdTech, it’s impossible! If you have an education app development idea, we’re here to help you take the next step in transforming education. With us, another star will take the EdTech stage.

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