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Deep Learning: What’s Next?


Don’t you love the way unsolicited email messages are automatically routed into your spam folder so you never have to see them? This is a great example of how you are benefiting every day from deep learning.

Deep learning is basically a form of artificial intelligence where a computer analyzes big data, then makes predictions, takes actions, and does even more based on the information collected. Big data encompasses everything from digital transactions to social media postings. This is how Google knows exactly what types of ads to show you based on your previous browsing activity.

Current trends in machine learning include driverless cars and Facebook’s facial recognition feature. Which leads us to the question, what’s next? What will the world be realizing thanks to advanced machine learning in the next decade, or even sooner?

Quantum Machine Learning

Quantum Machine Learning is the merging of quantum algorithms with conventional artificial intelligence to speed up the process of machine learning.Quantum computers utilize the power of subatomic particles to store information and facilitate processing.

The speed at which quantum machines can process and store data will be helpful in finding cures as well as new drug treatments for certain diseases, developing new energy sources, and making even more precise recommendations when it comes to advertising.

Will quantum computers replace silicon-based machines entirely? Probably not. And definitely not for the foreseeable future. But make no mistake. Quantum computing is the future of machine learning.

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The New Algorithm Economy

Big data is useless. On its own, that is. In order to be beneficial, information has to be analyzed and utilized for proper business decisions. With enhanced technology like quantum machine learning, future buying and selling decisions will be based on expedited algorithms, welcoming in what some are calling the New Algorithm Economy.

In a 2015 Forbes article, Gartner’s Peter Sondegaard states that, “the next digital rush will be focused on how you do something with data, not just what you do with it. This is the promise of the algorithm economy.

This suggest that intelligent machine algorithms themselves will become the applications and software of the future. Companies that focus on the development of these algorithms will then be able to license them to similar organizations. Sondegaard also predicts a new generation of startups.

Imagine a marketplace where billions of algorithms are available, each one representing a piece of software code that solves a problem or creates a new opportunity from the exponential growth in the internet of things. As apps have revolutionized human to machine interaction, we’ll see the algorithm economy power the next great leap in machine-to-machine evolution.

Recurrent Neural Networks

Recurrent neural networks (RNNs) are a type of artificial intelligence that makes use of sequential information. RNNs are currently responsible for advances in handwriting analysis, speech recognition, and various applications in the gaming and fitness industries.

If you keep up withGame of Thrones, you may have recently heard about Zach Thoutt - a superfan who also happens to be a software engineer. Zach created a recurrent neural network and added the first five books of the Game of Thrones series. By doing so, he was able to produce five future continuing chapters.

Will RNNs replace writers in the future? The person writing this post certainly hopes not. But this type of advanced machine learning will improve the technology behind customer service language translation applications and financial market predictions.

These are just three examples of the future of deep learning. The possibilities are endless. And while some people may be a bit uncomfortable with the advancement of artificial intelligence in general, just remember that some of the science fiction scenarios we feared or never thought possible in the past now make our lives easier and healthier.

Staying on top of the latest technology and embracing it is a way of life for us here at iTechArt. By doing so, we are able to be better prepared to equip our clients with the knowledge and the skills needed for an ever-changing world.

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